After a long hiatus, MarzGurl returns to continue where she left off. In this episode, we tackle many gameplay features, including the battle system, crystarium system, and shops and upgrades. Innovative, or convoluted?

  • Christopher Korte

    お疲れ様ー! Good Job, and thank you. I have played FF13, and I agree with most to everything you are saying, especially when it comes to gameplay. I don’t understand why they wanted to make it into a movie like that, even more so when the plot doesn’t hold up. Anyway, It’s a little frustrating waiting for your reviews, but that is only because I want to see all of them. So don’t worry about that and just stick to the quality. だから、ご苦労様です。そしてありがとう。次のビデオを楽しみに待っていますー。

  • Tom Murphy

    My only issue with the gameplay is how when the main leader dies it’s game over. That’s the most backwards way of making the gameplay i’ve ever seen. It doesn’t make it challenging just frustrating for gamers just trying to enjoy whatever story the game might possess.

  • Daniel Ramsey

    I couldn’t help but agree with everything you said on FF13 Murz, all the parts you made on this game make sense and really resonate with me seeing as how I played this gameMyself. Everything you (and Spoony) have stated on this series is very correct!

    My only problem I had upon the release of your videos was: Just with the opinions towards your video on TGWTG! You and Spoony put a lot of effort into these videos and I honestly like that about you guys, the both of you had your own points on the Terrible nature of the FF13 games. But to see others being so disrespectful towards your videos is just not right. Especially if its your opinion on whatever you choose as your subject. So to see so many negative comments on your Part 2 Vid is just stupid. Its your Video, Your Opinions on whatever you choose to post, and whatever matters to you.

    If no one is going to respect that, then they shouldn’t be watching your vids.
    Plain and simple.

    Hope you’ll go on to continue with the Story Elements for the next video(s).