Beyond the Black Rims – Episode 8 (and 7)

marzgurl | Mar 23 2013 | more 

Okay, so, I messed up and didn’t crosspost last week’s episode. ┬áSo it’s here below episode 8.

So, about episode 8!


With only a little bit of delay, we’re here for another episode! The old DuckTales game gets remastered for a new generation, Young Justice ends on a sour note, and the new US Godzilla movie shows a lot more promise than the 1998 iteration!

We’re doing a live show in less than two weeks! Hoping for Thursday, April 4th (exact time to be determined later). But visit the stream channel and subscribe to get streaming updates. –

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  • I’m buying Duck Tales (WOOooOO) in support of future releases like it. Nice to see Capcom USA is being productive with getting some developers like WayFoward to remake awesome games.

    As for Young Justice being cancelled…there has been an epidemic of good comic book shows being cancelled and replaced with goofy, juvenile, replacements. It happened with Spectacular Spider-man and Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s a pain to see it happening to DC shows now. Such a shame.

    I didn’t even know another Godzilla was being made! That’s awesome news! I just hope it’s the proper Japanese Godzilla, because I had the EXACTLY the same reaction you had JoshKnight1st…1998 Godzilla wasn’t Godzilla.

  • “I WANT GAMERA!!!” Heck yeah I want Gamera! I’m sorry but the Gamera film they released in 1999 or 2000 is the best Kaju film ever. Best. Kaju. EVAH!