Video: MarzGurl Discusses Heavy Traffic

marzgurl | May 7 2014 | more 

More from MarzGurl about Ralph Bakshi’s work! What is it that makes this risque movie Bakshi’s most critically acclaimed film? We take a few minutes to find that answer! Viewer discretion advised.

6 responses to “Video: MarzGurl Discusses Heavy Traffic”

  1. Stephen Mc Devitt says:

    Why don’t we see movies like this one these days? Was the 70’s a time when some rich people were willing to invest on making forms of art?

    Could you even imagine if someone wanted to make a modern day interpretation of the original material? Stuff like that could only be funded via crowd-funding like Kickstarter..

    • MarzGurl says:

      Shoot, that’s practically what’s happening now. Ralph Bakshi is working on a new movie (not actually a remake of Heavy Traffic or anything), but in order to get it funded he had to launch a Kickstarter for the project this past year. So, yeah, you’re actually pretty on the mark in that regard.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt says:

        That’s actually pretty nice to know that. I never thought he’d still be working and be in retirement like Don Bluth.

  2. Jon says:

    That was great, i really like your insight into this subject and look forward too hearing what you thought of coonskin.

  3. Michel Stango says:

    Um, where did the review go?

    • marzgurl says:

      The link will have to be updated later. I’m sure the old link was back on Blip, and Blip has been dead for quite some time now. I’ve moved to YouTube. So that link, and many others, will eventually need updates.