MarzGurl Discusses Fritz the Cat

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The first of many of Ralph Bakshi’s films, Fritz steals the title of First Animated Feature to Receive an X-Rating. Is is worth its notoriety, or is it simply crass?

MarzGurl Introduces Ralph Bakshi

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As the first video in MarzGurl’s new series about famed animator Ralph Bakshi, we look at Ralph’s humble beginnings at Terrytoons and the work he did for television before we can really get into his artistic and controversial movies.

cat]: Shows Ralph Bakshi

We tackle Jurassic World, new Robocop, and the upcoming Toei Japan Channel in this episode! Visit us on Twitter:

Beyond The Black Rims – Season 2 Ep. 1 is here! In this episode: – Kaylyn talks about meeting Don Bluth – Pacific Rim fighting for a sequel at the box office – Cowboy Bebop and other older anime titles get saved It’s really Episode 23, but who’s counting? It’s good to be back

It’s never too early for Christmas! MarzGurl can tell you six months in advance whether or not you should bother with yet another one of Don Bluth’s creations that had no involvement from Bluth himself.

MarzGurl Reviews Space Ace TV

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Finally wrapping up the loose ends of the old Don Bluth series, Space Ace TV had no involvement from Bluth himself. How does it compare to the original video game? Plus, watch ’til the end to see how you can participate in something pretty cool!

After a long hiatus, MarzGurl returns to continue where she left off. In this episode, we tackle many gameplay features, including the battle system, crystarium system, and shops and upgrades. Innovative, or convoluted?

Visit us live on April 4th, 2013 for a special LIVE 10th episode of Beyond The Black Rims! The show starts at 8:30 PM CST. We go live with our normal show for one hour and finish it up by talking to you, our audience, for another 30 minutes. Or we’ll tweet and tell Read the Rest…

Beyond the Black Rims – Episode 9

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Yoichi Wada of Square Enix steps down from Presidency, Independence Day is getting two sequels, and Saban picks up Kamen Rider Fourze as Power Rider Apollo, this week on Beyond the Black Rims! Catch us LIVE next Thursday (exact time to be announced within the next 72 hours): See JoshKnightTheFirst’s original Kamen Rider Fourze Read the Rest…

Okay, so, I messed up and didn’t crosspost last week’s episode.  So it’s here below episode 8. So, about episode 8!   With only a little bit of delay, we’re here for another episode! The old DuckTales game gets remastered for a new generation, Young Justice ends on a sour note, and the new Read the Rest…