Jrock and anime go hand in hand!

While some companies want to close down scanlation rings, others want to work hand-in-hand with them.

What happens when a scanlation site decides they want to quit performing illegal activity?

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the manga you ever wanted all in one place? ; Yeah, too bad that’ll cost you $500.

Not long after we’ve learned 4Kids is on the market, we now learn FUNimation may be up for sale. ; Is this a good thing?

Anime News Editorial – Anime on TV

marzgurl | May 20 2010 | Comments  12 

Some new TV station has anime on it… the news story is kind of bland, so what else can we do to spice it up?

With an unsteady financial future, 4Kids announces that they have just received interest for purchase from an outside source.

Okay. Here I go, feeding the trolls in the flames. Usually, I let things pass. But I just… okay, I just don’t get it. Some of you may remember my Anime News Editorial about Nick Simmons, when he was accused of plagiarism from sources such as Tite Kubo’s ever-so-famous Bleach manga. Somehow, in some MAGICAL Read the Rest…

While some companies seem to be publicly digging their own graves, Crunchyroll wants you to see the healthiest side of the business.

Bang Zoom’s CEO lashes out at his customers, but does he have a good reason?