It is no exaggeration to say that this is pretty much the worst piece of animation in the history of ever.

  • Fiery Little One

    Oh ye gods, this thing is terrible. you have my sympathies.

  • Tsuki

    ¿Think no worse animation exists? Check out the mockbusters made by German studio Dingo Pictures ( I have never seen an entire movie, but you can find clips on Youtube and they even make Alibaba look like a good movie.

  • JKLC

    What good timing! I had just discovered Space Thunder Kids, and I also recently found my family’s stash of Digiview Productions DVDs (only 3, 1 of which is an Animated feature.) I had no clue that this movie existed, too!

  • As far as I can recall, Digiview went out of Business a few years ago!


  • I seem to be pretty late to watch this video, but man, this was a pretty bad movie.

    As soon as you said you couldn’t find out anything about “Gabah Studio”, I had to try.
    My friends always give me these obscure things to find, even with time limits sometimes, and I’ve yet to fail, so I take it as a fun little challenge. (Ask if you’re ever looking for info about anything, you have me on skype, and I love just reading up on random stuff anyway. 😛 ) But enough about me…
    I did a little bit of research, and I found out quite a bit of information about this movie and the studio actually, for everyone that’s interested.

    – This movie is dubbed into English from Indonesian. (By IFD films, which is Honk Kong based. And well, HK isn’t really well known for making good dubs or subs :P)
    – The original title is “Alibaba & 40 penyamun”, released on VCD in Indonesia.
    – The studio(s) behind this was Banyu Bening Studio “and” Gabah Studio
    – I’m unsure if they’re two iterations of the same studio, or if Gabah Studio was a separate group of animatorsstudents from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (A large student city)
    – Gabah Studio does not seem to have worked on anything but the Ali Baba movie, so they were most likely not the main force behind this movie, unless they are the same studio.
    – Current website:
    – Other movies they’ve released:
    – A bit of info about Bening Studio and their motivation behind these movies can be found here:
    And here:

    This is about the extent of what I can find in such a short amount of time, as I don’t speak a word of Indonesian. (Or Javanese for that matter, as Javanese seems to be pretty common in Yogyakarta)

    Oh, and nice microphone, the Blue Yeti, you’re the third person I met at MCM Expo to get one, excluding myself. 😛
    Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully there’s something interesting hidden in there somewhere. 😛

    (P.S. I still owe you £5 from London)

  • IndigoDragoness

    Jeez, sorry you had to sit through this film that looks like total crap. Pure and total crap, like you said. But great review, Marzie. I’m glad I’ve never seen this, I don’t believe I’ve even heard of it. But I’m sorry you had to go through this. Anyways, keep up the good work. 😉