The first in a series of videos about Don Bluth’s animations, MarzGurl discusses Bluth’s break-out short animated movie, Banjo the Woodpile Cat.

  • Hey MarzGurl. I know you don’t have time to watch other web-shows. But do you watch Animation Lookback? It’s talks about the history of legendary animation film studios. Disney, Dreamworks and Hanna-Barbera.

  • Heya Marzie, I agree with you completely, I’m a major sucker for Don Bluth and his really artistic animation. Even those of his films that aren’t really technically or critically acclaimed good, I still find them enjoyable to watch. Though, I admit for the last film “Titan A.E.”, I really liked the first two-thirds but I wasn’t all that impressed with the third act. Look forward to your review on “The Secret of NIMH”.