MarzGurl Sings! – Golden Sky

marzgurl | Jul 14 2011 | more 

MarzGurl returns to singing in an a cappella rendition of Golden Sky as performed by and featured in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA.

3 responses to “MarzGurl Sings! – Golden Sky”

  1. Jennifer says:

    As a DDR geek who loves Smile,dk, I have to say that your rendition was spot on! I love this song, and I think it is even better in a cappella. 🙂 Great work!

  2. amichel says:

    What kind of music do you enjoy outside of DDR tracks?

  3. RussPipkin says:

    Bravo. This one just topped Spekkio’s theme as my favorite MarzGurl Sings!. I’m not entirely sure if I should’ve ended that sentence with a period even if the title I was referring to had an exclamation point.