MarzGurl Introduces Ralph Bakshi

marzgurl | Sep 15 2013 | more 

As the first video in MarzGurl’s new series about famed animator Ralph Bakshi, we look at Ralph’s humble beginnings at Terrytoons and the work he did for television before we can really get into his artistic and controversial movies.

  • Furrama

    This sounds like a really cool project. I’ve never seen the next movie that you’re going to talk about, but I’ve heard of it. It will be interesting to see what it’s about. So far all I’ve heard is CAT SEX. Which isn’t that helpful….

    • I can help you. “Fritz the Cat” was created by Robert Crumb, who used the comics initially to entertain his young siblings when he was a young boy himself, inspired by early children’s comics. As Crumb got older, he got a few risque strips printed by Harvey Kurtzman’s “Help” and local underground newspapers, and after experimenting with LSD, Crumb’s interests shifted to really left-wing politics, so the comic became a satire of “poseurs” who pretend to be interested in changing the world but are only in it for sex, drugs and cheap thrills.