MarzGurl Discusses The Land Before Time XIII

marzgurl | May 10 2011 | more 

It’s the final movie in the Land Before Time direct-to-video series! ; It’s all over!

6 responses to “MarzGurl Discusses The Land Before Time XIII”

  1. Elita_5 says:

    I used to have the first PC game…i feel kinda dirty now.

  2. Carlos Hugo says:

    !!!!!!!Congratulation Marzgul¡¡¡¡ you actualy did it, you saw all the sequels to “The land Before time” and don´t lost your mind… well, not all, but nobody would keep it sane after all that.

    But not all is done, the goal is still far away, but in a way i just think that the Tv serie it will be a fresh air in comparation with what you’ve seen thus far.

    But with the videogames… well i can’t speak of that, mostly because I have not play the mayority of them, but for what i know they would be hard to critic, mostly because they are for little kids and toddler, so nobody would expect much of them.

  3. Fiery Little One says:

    I was in a Walmart last month and I saw one of the TV series, IIRC, and I found myself thinking, and probably saying, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ So I *knew* you weren’t done juuust yet during your ‘I’m finally finished!’ skit.

  4. Now we can get to more regular ANEs. Will you do anything regarding Syfy’s Anime block!

  5. IndigoDragoness says:

    Once again, Marzie, great review. 😉 I’m glad I decided to skip movies 12 and 13 ’cause it didn’t look like I’m missing a thing.

    I knew by the end it was too good to be true that you were done, the TV series is just as lame as the sequels and I haven’t played the video games, thank heaven.

    Oh btw, I forgot to mention, I like the new casual look. Is it permanent or what?

  6. Romeo says:

    Bad news, there’s a LBT14 coming.