MarzGurl Discusses The Land Before Time XI

marzgurl | Apr 19 2011 | more 

As MarzGurl gains a whole new appearance, the Great Valley gets invaded by the smallest creatures with the manliest jaws.

  • 0_0 the new look took me by surprise even though your mentioned it below the video.

  • blackmamba

    i love you kaylyn

  • For a moment I just misheard “Puff myself…” and ended up with a weird and funny line.

    Sooo… not that bad? Well, compared to some of the previous guess it’s not the worst.

    I hope to see what you have to say about the two remaining movies.

  • OMG I’m lovin the new look. it’s got this cool/retro/animesque quality about it. ^^
    no respect for poor juno. keep up the kewl vids