Only ran one season, but that’s just one season too many.

2 responses to “MarzGurl Discusses The Land Before Time TV Series”

  1. ThatDouche says:

    As someone who followed the LBT film series up until movie six I wonder if it would have been better for the franchise to have just been an tv series after the first movie and not a series of movie to begin with. Obviously no sequel would be as good or as popular as the original and the sequels already feel like episodes of a tv series stretched out to movie length anyway. Maybe the tv show bombed (thought wikipedia list it as being on “hiatus” but what kind of hiatus last for four years) because most of the people who are fans of the original movies were simply too old to care about a show aimed at young kids. If the tv series came out maybe a couple years after the first movie and there was no straight to video sequels the show may have been a hit or at the very least not a bomb that only lasted a season.

    Look at the Beetlejuice animated series for example, it came out a year after the movie, toned down the dark tone of the movie for a younger audience and even made Beetlejuice, the villain of the film, a good guy. Beetlejuice lasted two and a half years and that’s probably because it came out so close to the movie.

    Granted I do agree Land Before Time should have just been left as one film but if a franchise had to come out of it I’d would have rather had a lame tv show with some nostalgia value than a 13 film series spanning two decades.

    I enjoyed the video thought it would have been nice to have more details about some more of the individual episodes but I imagine after 14 videos it would be like beating a dead horse to continue to complain about bad animation, bad songs, bad writing, etc. for any individual episodes when you yourself pretty much said all the episodes have the same problems as the sequels. 😛 Can’t wait for the video game episode. 🙂

  2. ufg says:

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