MarzGurl Discusses Final Fantasy XIV

marzgurl | Oct 6 2010 | more 

Despite its wide criticism, MarzGurl is dumb and likes this game. ; Why?

(Rerender of this video to come soon.)
  • Syn

    You contradict yourself a bit in here when you’re ranting about WoW and comparing it to FFXIV…… I won’t elaborate because it’ll turn into a huge battle royal with other commenter’s.

    The cooldown really kills the pace of the game; leaving you grinding a lot; which I actually found myself avoiding logging in to do earlier.

  • I love this game if I have INSTALLER

  • Dalus

    Don’t suppose you play on the Besaid server, eh? 😉

    • Heh, ‘fraid not, I’m on Fabul.

      • Dalus

        Well darn. :<

  • Mel

    Thank you. I wasn’t going to try the game and now I am. It sounds exactly like what I want in a game.