So, is Alice in Wonderland, or Paris? Or both? And why does she meet with the cartoon and childrens’ book character Madeline?

3 responses to “MarzGurl Discusses Alice in Wonderland in Paris”

  1. Alex Pogue says:

    Holy Crap!!! When I was in Kindergarten we all took a day off of from school to go to the movies, and this is what we watched! To think I remember it from ’93. Even at 5 years old I still thought it was awful, but at least we got free Popcorn and drinks lol

  2. The English Channel is pretty short actually; and it’s really only an arm of the Atlantic rather than a full Ocean in it’s own right. It’s shortest distance, the Strait of Dover is 21 miles wide and is a popular stretch for channel swimmers.

    Mind you if he wanted to do it today he could only do it Dover to Calais not Calais to Dover as it has been banned by French law in that direction for around 18 years. Plus I don’t know how far mice can swim, I am guessing not 21 miles.

  3. JKLC says:

    I would like to hear more about dollar DVDs. A large number of them may be lackluster, but you may find one here or there that’s worth some praise (or scorn.)