Five years after the last Land Before Time review, it’s time to return. Why does this exist now? And just how bad is it? Well… Thank you, Patreon contributors!

More from MarzGurl about Ralph Bakshi’s work! What is it that makes this risque movie Bakshi’s most critically acclaimed film? We take a few minutes to find that answer! Viewer discretion advised.

MarzGurl Discusses Fritz the Cat

marzgurl | Dec 14 2013 | Comments  1 

The first of many of Ralph Bakshi’s films, Fritz steals the title of First Animated Feature to Receive an X-Rating. Is is worth its notoriety, or is it simply crass?

So, is Alice in Wonderland, or Paris? Or both? And why does she meet with the cartoon and childrens’ book character Madeline?

The final Land Before Time video is here, and despite the fact that the word “games” is in the title, it isn’t fun at all.

Only ran one season, but that’s just one season too many.

It’s the final movie in the Land Before Time direct-to-video series! ; It’s all over!

As MarzGurl gains a whole new appearance, the Great Valley gets invaded by the smallest creatures with the manliest jaws.

You will believe a longneck can touch the sun.

Just when you thought the movies might have at least been mediocre…