Beyond the Black Rims – Episode 2

marzgurl | Feb 9 2013 | more 

What is this?  Episode 2?  Yeah, I suppose this web site hasn’t seen Episode 1, or any of our betas (of which we made two), but let me tell you guys what this is all about.  JoshKnightTheFirst and I started something of a podcast several weeks back.  So far we’ve stayed pretty regular and on schedule, mostly recording on Thursday nights and having it up and online either late Thursday night or in the early hours of Friday morning.

The concept of “Beyond the Black Rims” is simple.  We’re nerds, of course, and we’re deep in nerd and geek culture in our daily lives.  There were so many times where we’d just be sitting around and talking really in-depth about something, and we’d say, “Man, it’d be great if we only had a camera or microphone on us to get us really in the moment, talking about this stuff.”  So, that’s basically what we’ve done.  And to say that we’re nerds is one thing.  You know, there’s any number of really nerdy podcasts out there.  And they’ll usually be on a particular subject within nerd culture.  And it’ll be so in-depth and so niche that it’s hard to really get a large audience, and the people you’re talking to really have to be waist-deep in the stuff you’re interested in.  That way, they aren’t really creating a new audience or new fans of whatever they’re talking about, and it just sort of becomes self-feeding and never goes anywhere.

What Josh and I try to do is a little different.  We want you to start feeling comfortable with us and feel like you can come to us and just sit down WITH us and discuss, well, anything!  We want to bring up topics that nerds of all varieties could follow and understand, because we’re both sort of Jack-of-All-Trades sort of nerds.  We’re big fans of specific things, like me with Final Fantasy and Josh with Kamen Rider, but if we bring up these topics we want to explain what we’re talking about to get you up to speed and have you feeling like you aren’t left out and don’t know what’s going on, or that we’re just speaking with very niche vocabulary.  Every episode we’ll start by having a follow-up discussion on topics from previous episodes, either with something that has news to add to it or somebody in the comments or in E-mail brought up with us.  Then, we’ll each cover a topic from this past week of our choosing, maybe something that each of us is really familiar with but the other one isn’t knowledgeable about, and a third topic that we’re both really interested in.  Now, the idea, the reason we’re “Beyond” these black rims, is that we don’t just talk incessantly about, “Wow!  This really specific thing was SOOO cool!” and then speak in really niche sentences that nobody but a handful of people will understand.  We want to talk about why things are cool, about how the industry works, really move along with interesting discussion and debate, and give viewers/listeners something to think about.

As for this episode in specific, our topics were, “AKB48 singer can’t date and shaves her head?  Power Rangers Megaforce finally aired!  And King of the Nerds?  Find out all that and more in today’s episode!”

We want a lot more for the future of this series.  We want to start adding in intros, audio cues for different topics, perhaps start asking for audience participation in the form of a question, switch to some live broadcasts, and certainly have an mp3/iTunes feed, etc.  For now, we’re featuring the series on YouTube.  We’d like for you to come on in and comment on our topics for now so that we can learn from what we’re doing and continue to grow.  And we like taking response and feedback and commenting on them in following episodes!

We’ll be recording again in less than a week.  Be seeing you again shortly!

  • I actually was never very comfortable with King of the Nerds. Right off the bat it is a team based show meaning that the first thing we watch is a group we are suppose to feel connected with be the very same types of people that nerds tend to be bullied by. The show feels very manipulated and forced and there isn’t a very diverse representation of nerd culture. Much like the hosts the show is based in that early 90s or 80s stereotype of what a nerd is. We have so many sub levels of nerdom that surly they could have found a Japanese culture fan, a My little pony fan, or anything relevant to 2013. “Hey Jim what do nerds do?” “I don’t know Bob. Throw comics and math in there that will rake in the viewers.”

  • Joe Friday

    hey, I’m a new viewer and i was wondering why I couldnt view this particular episode. If there is a way I could please let me know.