Anime News Editorial – To The Movies

marzgurl | Oct 29 2009 | more 

I’m a bit late on this. It’s been up for a couple days. But here’s my second news-related video. Ponyo has become America’s 5th highest grossing anime movie in the box office. So, how does it compare to other movies?

Been tooling around with the layout. I should have maybe a demo up pretty shortly. I want it to have a similar color scheme to I’m pretty fond of it, and I’ve missed talking to Basic Bee, the guy who first helped me design it.

Is anyone else out there participating in NaNoWriMo? It’d be cool to have others to chat along with or psych up with to get it done.

Stay cool, all!

  • I signed up for NaNoWriMo but I don’t know. I would rather take to months minimum to get a story perfect than to rush out a half-assed one in a month. But then again I could always rewrite it.

  • Karma

    I would love to see more anime in theaters, but despite being in Boston, relatively large, I thought, the “Limited Showings” are hardly ever anywhere closer than NYC, if I’m lucky.

    Heck, I didn’t even know Evangelion 1.0 had hit a theater in the U.S.! I’d be thrilled to have seen that on the big screen.

    If they want to start making more money than Pokemon movies, they need to at least consider releasing in as many theaters.