Sam Raimi’s live-action TV adaptation of the anime series Noir just got greenlit to air on Starz. Can this be pulled off gracefully?

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  1. whitemamba says:

    hey marzgurl does casador de la bruja 2 you know witch hunter 2 does it have a hunter and a witch i have never seen it hell i didnt even knew it exist?

  2. Hey, Spider-man III wasn’t all Sam Raimi’s fault. The production company pretty much forced him to make some really bad decisions, that’s all. For instance, Raimi absolutely didn’t want to have Venom as a villain, but the producers insisted because Venom (for some reason) is so popular. And so we got the contrived alien meteor and “Emo Peter”… Also, at the end of Spider-man 2, Raimi stated very clearly that he didn’t intend for Harry Osborn to still blame spidey for his father’s death, and he was definitely not supposed to become a new Green Goblin. But alas, Raimi was forced to do it anyway, which lead to the gaping plot holes involving Harry’s motivations, his retconned access to a transformation chamber, and his butler’s all-to-late confession.

    *Phew* I had to get that out of my system. 🙂

    I totally agree with your opinion on the Noir anime, though.