Anime News Editorial – Satoshi Kon Forever

marzgurl | Aug 24 2010 | more 

Influential animator and director Satoshi Kon has passed away at the age of 47.

  • Moondoggie

    Its sad to hear of Satoshi Kon’s passing . I have watched alot of his work over the years and its true how you said it , he was one of the greater working in anime. In my middle school o so many years I saw paranoia agent and loved it for being a deeply complex anime with a driving story . This re emerged again around the same time last year when friends and I watched paprika and discussed the film and how we perceived it . Not even a month ago I had rented perfect blue which is a must see as you stated and in fact the next DVD on my netflix is Tokyo god fathers .Such a talent lost in a industry which rarely has such a brilliant and unique mind to work with.To much anime is passed of as childish and simple , we just lost a prime example of the exact opposite. This man will live on through his work and its simple to say this is work that must be seen .

  • Kuceman

    Sad to hear such a imaginative mind go so early in his life. He brought so much depth to anime as an art and as pure cinema. It’s great to see that he was able to bring so much to the medium in his life. So many people see anime negatively and by recommending his work I was able to turn them around as well. I really hope that his latest work is completed so a new generation can see his great mind on the screen.

  • Vale, Satoshi Kon-sensei.