Many Shotaro Ishinomori works are coming to the iPhone soon. Is it worth the purchase of an iPhone?

  • Syn

    “Is it worth the purchase of an iPhone?” Not in a million years.

    However; had you said “is getting an ipod touch worth it?” Then MAYBE. It can use all the apps and games; and the best part; no contracts to crappy service providers! Remember; the Iphone plan for ATT no longer offers unlimited data unless you grandfather an older plan; so if you don’t already have one, it’s definitely NOT worth the purchase; at all; ever. Smartphone without unlimited data? WTF is ATT thinking? WAIT, Did I say Smartphone and Iphone in the same sentence? LMFAO; what am I thinking?

    I’ll stick to my Android phones 😀 I’m sure they’ll have something like that soon enough; we already have comic readers and other junk anyway. Plus it’s almost 100% Open source; Iphone? Ha…

  • I didn’t know the same guy was behind so many things I’m interested in. I knew about Kamen Rider, but not Cyborg 009 and Kikider (I’ve only seen the anime).

  • LMFAO is a good band, i like those hilarious MTV they make on youtube -.;