Anime News Editorial – FUNimation Works Hard

marzgurl | Jan 26 2011 | more 

This week, FUNimation worked hard to fight piracy and save their streams. But was it really what they wanted to do?

2 responses to “Anime News Editorial – FUNimation Works Hard”

  1. My first thought is to blame the fansubbers, although I have to ask why they’re making illegal copies of a show that’s legally available to domestic channels. That seems to bypass the fansubber’s primary argument.

    However, I agree with you that Fractyl Production Company’s response makes no sense. The best way to stop piracy in the West is to get it out to the West legally, and at better quality. (For example, no clock in the corner or local station graphics mucking up the visual.)

    By the way, is this show any good? What’s it about?

  2. Royal Lance says:

    I pretty much agree that asking to take down a stream because illeagal copies are around is kind insane to me. In the music industry sometimes release an album ahead of schedule when some or all of its songs gets leaked out. I think Fractly should have let FUNi keep the simulcast.