Anime News Editorial – Anime Rental Kiosks

marzgurl | Oct 20 2010 | more 

Media Blasters dives into risky territory. ; Good idea, or bad idea?

  • Syn

    It’s going to fail. Not just because of Red Box, but because it’s too much of a niche. It would take so much for it to succeed, I doubt we’ll even see one of these here in San Antonio, I can’t imagine where it would be located; unless maybe somewhere like Dragon’s Lair would request one, but d’oh, they have their OWN anime renting policy.

    So it’s faults are, niche, location, and location. There are no locations viable. (For a constant stream). Maybe some areas will be able to support them, but places like San Anto, probably won’t get to see many, if any of them.

    Erm, but I don’t like how you say the word D:< It's pronounced nitch!
    (they're both correct, I just like my way!)

  • I don’t know, I think it depends on where they have them set up. My town could handle one, judging by the number of cosplayers I see when NOTHING IS GOING ON. My coworkers and I all exchange anime like crazy and everyone wishes everyone had more stuff to watch, so this would be a great alternative to mooching because we all have divergent tastes. (though Netflix is pretty good, too.)

    Ames, of all places, which is about three hours from here, somehow has had a privately owned anime rental store for years- so I choose cautious optimism.