Anime News Editorial – Anime Goes Cable

marzgurl | Sep 29 2010 | more 

AT&T’s U-verse has picked up The FUNimation Channel. ; But at what cost to you?

  • Ryan

    Best thing ever: An NFL Red Zone ad playing right after the video.

  • Josh

    Yeah that was hilarious. It is too bad I haven’t had the motivation for cable. If only there was a way to pay for just Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Jetex, and stuff like the Discovery Channel. Only then would I start paying for cable. For now the internet does the job for me.

  • Tao

    It’s all well and good that anime is still being aired on Cable TV, but not nearly as much back when Toonami was around. But now that we have the internet and the ability and option of watching our legal anime on sites like CrunchyRoll and Youtube, and can download full episodes off of iTunes as well as the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace, I don’t really see any reason to watch you’re favorite anime on Cable TV anymore.

  • Jeremy A. Patterson

    I have some questions about Syfy’s Ani-Monday programming block: It seems that neither Manga Entertainment nor Syfy is interested in sending press releases for the block, yet they still air the block. They also drop this sister block on sister channel Chiller. Are they sitting on Ani-Monday?

    There is only one new anything showing on the block soon, and it is airing this Monday, and it is a one-hour feature called The Resistance. The rest of the line-up is reruns of stuff they aired on the block before: a showing of Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, Gundam 00 Season 2, Descendants of Darkness, Negadon, and finally, Tokko!

    What is going on with Ani-Monday?


  • AngelBolt

    Y’know, Verizon has funi, but I don’t think it’s HD. I managed to meet some new people at an anime club once, who were introduced to anime because funimation was in their bundles, and just kept watching it.

    But to be honest, I just stream most of the funi stuff from their website. Why can’t there be something like that, but ion TV?! Well, Video on Demand, but just from the net?