We finish our review with the second half of the movie! Watch Sean continue to be a terrible lead character and see how far removed the movie gets from its anime and manga adaptations.

A Request Review: Watership Down

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As requested by Patreon contributor Sean Brennan, we take a brief look at the 1978 animated film adaptation of Watership Down. Looks beautiful, but how does it hold up? Follow me on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/MarzGurl Learn how to get your own review requests submitted! http://www.patreon.com/MarzGurl

MarzGurl brings tokusatsu and special effects enthusiast JoshKnightTheFirst in to a review of the 1992 American movie adaptation of The Guyver, comparing it to previous iterations of the manga and anime. Just how far removed is it from its source? And how bad does it get? Support for this video comes from viewers like you! Read the Rest…

More from MarzGurl about Ralph Bakshi’s work! What is it that makes this risque movie Bakshi’s most critically acclaimed film? We take a few minutes to find that answer! Viewer discretion advised.

In April 2012, JewWario and MarzGurl filmed a short slapstick fan fiction written by Peter Chimaera. It seemed to be long since lost, but was recently recovered. Though two years late, see the short video Justin was excited to film.

MarzGurl Discusses Fritz the Cat

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The first of many of Ralph Bakshi’s films, Fritz steals the title of First Animated Feature to Receive an X-Rating. Is is worth its notoriety, or is it simply crass?

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MarzGurl Introduces Ralph Bakshi

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As the first video in MarzGurl’s new series about famed animator Ralph Bakshi, we look at Ralph’s humble beginnings at Terrytoons and the work he did for television before we can really get into his artistic and controversial movies.

cat]: Shows Ralph Bakshi

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Video: A Question to Don Bluth

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You’ll want your volume up for Don’s answer, but it’s worth it! I’m sorry you can’t quite really see him. I’m blown away by this man’s hard work, his ethics, and his continued open mindedness and active imagination. His insight not only on how to draw but how to really make a character come alive Read the Rest…