What can I say about Final Fantasy VII that everyone else on the Internet hasn’t already said? Twelve years ago, this game is what defined the J-RPG on the PlayStation. It brought an entirely new generation of RPG gamers into the scene and had moments that elements that changed not only the Final Fantasy franchise Read the Rest…

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The Internet, its Memes, and You

marzgurl | Jun 1 2009 | Comments  2 

As I mentioned in my last blog, I visited the anime convention Project A-Kon 20 up in Dallas, Texas this past weekend. It was just as much fun as was predicted. But there’s always some strange quirk to each convention that you’ll notice that starts to grate the nerves. This year, that irritating piece of Read the Rest…

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“…I’ve attended anime conventions for over five years, filming them all along the way. What is it that keeps me coming back? I mean, sure, I sometimes get burned out on them, yet when a new one creeps up on me, I’m always there. Why is that?…”

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Introduction to this Blog

marzgurl | May 28 2009 | Comments  0 

“…This will involve current events in animation, video games, comics, conventions, and everything else in between. It may be someplace to go to hear news, or it may be someplace to go to get some intellectual discussions. But most importantly, it will be fun and informative…”

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