MarzGurl Sings! – Mega Man 2

marzgurl | Nov 11 2009 | Comments  7 

MarzGurl sings a fully rearranged a cappella version of the intro to Mega Man II.

One of Shotaro Ishinomori’s titles will be a Hollywood movie in 2012, but WHICH title, and WHICH studio is making it?

The Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell names their screenplay writer this week, so what are the chances the movie might actually not flop?

Anime News Editorial – To The Movies

marzgurl | Oct 29 2009 | Comments  2 

I’m a bit late on this. It’s been up for a couple days. But here’s my second news-related video. Ponyo has become America’s 5th highest grossing anime movie in the box office. So, how does it compare to other movies? Been tooling around with the layout. I should have maybe a demo up pretty shortly. Read the Rest…

Anime News Editorial – Is This Legal?

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So, I finished my latest video late last night, and it was posted to TGWTG early this morning. I’d be more than happy to discuss anything regarding any of the subject matter in the video right here in the comments of this blog. Also, I wanted to thank reader Stuart for the donation toward the Read the Rest…

Adaptation Terrors of Mutant Turtles

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My newest video is uploaded and will be featured on TGWTG later today. You can watch it RIGHT NOW, however, right here:

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Working and Building

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Today I have added a couple more pages. They don’t currently have anything on them, but they should within the coming days. The pages are video related, and they separate into Anime and Video Game Conventions videos, and Reviews and Skits videos. I can’t access Blip or YouTube from here at work, so I can’t Read the Rest…

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Playing in the Past: Giga Pets

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1997 seemed to be the year of the virtual, digital, portable pets. The craze from Japan, starting with the Tamagotchi in 1996, started a frenzy among school-aged children that caused write-ups, detentions, and confiscations in the classrooms across America. And, as lame as it may sound, I was one of those kids who was hooked. Read the Rest…

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I think there’s a reason why Internet critics do what they do. Let’s take Doug Darien (Nostalgia Critic) for example. He’s often stated that he started doing what he does because he had watched some movies from his childhood as an adult only to realize that what he once loved was actually incredibly poor. I Read the Rest…

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Fans. What a Strange Bunch.

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I don’t have many fans. I am not a good actor. I am very stiff and rigid, and my line delivery is very painful. I hate listening to myself. I hate looking at myself. And I hate having to watch and listen to myself as I edit my videos. And yet SOMEHOW, I managed to Read the Rest…

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