I’m preparing an E-mail to Half Price Books. Most of what you read will actually be what I’ve written to Half Price Books so as to educate them on the products they’re selling. I hope that this will also educate some of you who might not know how to properly spot a bootleg before getting Read the Rest…

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Tokusatsu (Special Effects) in the US

marzgurl | Dec 13 2009 | Comments  5 

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight isn’t particularly my favorite adaptation of a Japanese intellectual property, but I’ll admit, the US producers were trying their hardest to make this adaptation entertaining. However it would appear that CW4Kids doesn’t exactly agree. On December 26th, just two episodes short of the series finale, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is being Read the Rest…

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MarzGurl needs some title cards for the ANEs, and she wants your help!

Anime News Editorial – Out With Old

marzgurl | Dec 2 2009 | Comments  0 

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu Yu Hakusho will cease to be published in the US publication of Shonen Jump as of January.

A sort of mini-review of Miracle Train

marzgurl | Nov 30 2009 | Comments  3 

I originally wrote this in a thread on the AnimeNewsNetwork forums, but I figured I’d copy what I wrote here, too. It’s none too detailed, but it may be interesting enough for some individuals. Regarding the discussion of Miracle Train – First, why does everybody use this image when they’re bringing up the Miracle Train Read the Rest…

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Anime News Editorial – Power of Money

marzgurl | Nov 25 2009 | Comments  0 

FUNimation is getting their hands dirty and working on not only acquiring new anime titles, but also making some of their own!

Slow news week, but TokyoPop is releasing some new manga next year, including one title that has MarzGurl particularly excited!

Fanfiction Authors… Offended?

marzgurl | Nov 17 2009 | Comments  6 

So, yeah, I’ve read a good amount of fanfiction lately… a lot of it regarding the That Guy With The Glasses crew. Surprisingly, these authors have quite the good English literacy, and paint a vivid picture of what they want to portray with their words. I wanted to start by saying that these authors have Read the Rest…

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MarzGurl Sings! – Mega Man 2

marzgurl | Nov 11 2009 | Comments  7 

MarzGurl sings a fully rearranged a cappella version of the intro to Mega Man II.

One of Shotaro Ishinomori’s titles will be a Hollywood movie in 2012, but WHICH title, and WHICH studio is making it?