Adult-Swim has one new anime to broadcast, but you may have seen the rest many times before… PS – Whoops, didn’t realize the image would be so huge. Will correct this later.

Since Conan put a personals ad up on Craigslist, I wanted to respond.  But the next morning, it was gone!  Well, I’m still sending my response on forward!  I was actually still able to get the Craigslist E-mail address, but I wanted to be safe and just put my listing elsewhere, too.  I’ll link this Read the Rest…

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MarzGurl on Transmission Awesome

marzgurl | Jan 17 2010 | Comments  0 

The four-man team at Transmission Awesome were kind enough to invite me to make a guest appearance on their podcast, which was quite the enjoyable time! From the podcast description – This week on Transmission Awesome the Boyz discuss: – MarzGurl! Time for some good ol’ 4Kids bashing! – MAGFest! What antics did we get Read the Rest…

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I’m With Conan

marzgurl | Jan 16 2010 | Comments  3 

To say that I am a fan of Conan O’Brien is a bit of an understatement. There are very few celebrities that I can consider myself particularly ravenous for, and so this post may border on insane or even creepy. As I just said, there are few people of fame that I would trip over Read the Rest…

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Here’s all of your entries to the Anime News Editorial Title Card Contest!

Why I’m Not Made Of Win

marzgurl | Jan 9 2010 | Comments  20 

Any time I put myself in the public eye in any variety I already know I’m stumbling head-first into disaster. I seem to always face adversity, and it’s been this way ever since grade school. Back then, it used to bother me a lot. But after enough time getting used to it, I think I Read the Rest…

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This performance won me second place in Ikki-Idol at Ikkicon, January 1 – 3 in Austin, TX.

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New anime is being released and localized in the US already this year, one of them based on a manga titled Chu Bra!!.p”>.

Ikki-Idol Conflict Continues

marzgurl | Jan 4 2010 | Comments  9 

I got a response from the coordinator of Ikki-Idol on the Ikkicon forums (If you’re at all curious about the conversation, it starts here on this page – But I wanted to share this, yet again, because I feel that it’s important enough to share. This is the response from the Ikki-Idol event coordinator. Read the Rest…

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Ikki-Idol: Worst Organization Ever.

marzgurl | Jan 4 2010 | Comments  3 

I attended Ikkicon this past weekend and took place in Ikki-Idol, which was basically a karaoke competition. I already wrote all of this and posted it on the Ikkicon forums. But this was incredibly necessary to pass on. This is basically how NOT to run a panel. Please read with great consideration. This was too Read the Rest…

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