FUNimation is picking up the newest rendition of Dragon Ball Z, entitled Dragon Ball Kai.

Anime News Editorial – New This Week

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New anime released on DVD this week, and a new title card winner!

Piling Up the Work

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I can see myself getting busier and busier as time goes on. I’m trying to find the best way to make myself marketable. I’ve decided that when I’m scripted, I’m not particularly funny. If I’m trying to script something, I’ll need to remain semi-serious with only the occasional snide comment. But then I started being Read the Rest…

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Adult-Swim has one new anime to broadcast, but you may have seen the rest many times before… PS – Whoops, didn’t realize the image would be so huge. Will correct this later.

Since Conan put a personals ad up on Craigslist, I wanted to respond.  But the next morning, it was gone!  Well, I’m still sending my response on forward!  I was actually still able to get the Craigslist E-mail address, but I wanted to be safe and just put my listing elsewhere, too.  I’ll link this Read the Rest…

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MarzGurl on Transmission Awesome

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The four-man team at Transmission Awesome were kind enough to invite me to make a guest appearance on their podcast, which was quite the enjoyable time! From the podcast description – This week on Transmission Awesome the Boyz discuss: – MarzGurl! Time for some good ol’ 4Kids bashing! – MAGFest! What antics did we get Read the Rest…

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I’m With Conan

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To say that I am a fan of Conan O’Brien is a bit of an understatement. There are very few celebrities that I can consider myself particularly ravenous for, and so this post may border on insane or even creepy. As I just said, there are few people of fame that I would trip over Read the Rest…

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Here’s all of your entries to the Anime News Editorial Title Card Contest!

Why I’m Not Made Of Win

marzgurl | Jan 9 2010 | Comments  20 

Any time I put myself in the public eye in any variety I already know I’m stumbling head-first into disaster. I seem to always face adversity, and it’s been this way ever since grade school. Back then, it used to bother me a lot. But after enough time getting used to it, I think I Read the Rest…

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This performance won me second place in Ikki-Idol at Ikkicon, January 1 – 3 in Austin, TX.

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