Anime News Editorial – Anime on TV

marzgurl | May 20 2010 | Comments  12 

Some new TV station has anime on it… the news story is kind of bland, so what else can we do to spice it up?

With an unsteady financial future, 4Kids announces that they have just received interest for purchase from an outside source.

Okay. Here I go, feeding the trolls in the flames. Usually, I let things pass. But I just… okay, I just don’t get it. Some of you may remember my Anime News Editorial about Nick Simmons, when he was accused of plagiarism from sources such as Tite Kubo’s ever-so-famous Bleach manga. Somehow, in some MAGICAL Read the Rest…

While some companies seem to be publicly digging their own graves, Crunchyroll wants you to see the healthiest side of the business.

Bang Zoom’s CEO lashes out at his customers, but does he have a good reason?

Carl Macek, famed US anime producer, passes away at the age of 58.

Back from lots of trip stuff

marzgurl | Apr 13 2010 | Comments  2 

I hadn’t updated with the last bit of my Japan trip due to the fact that the last hostel for the last night in Tokyo didn’t have wi-fi for my laptop to connect to. Now, about a week later, I am finally home. I think it would be quite a bit difficult for me to Read the Rest…

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Osaka… meh?

marzgurl | Apr 4 2010 | Comments  0 

Yesterday morning, the Japanese lady who had been staying with us since we got here had to leave. But she stopped to wake me up to give me a gift of some blueberry candy, and cold compress sheets for my feet! How thoughtful of her! And then she left. I wanted to tell her not Read the Rest…

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Ow, my ankle!

marzgurl | Apr 3 2010 | Comments  1 

Seems me and walking a whole bunch don’t get along too well. Every night, my feet have hurt pretty immensely. But yesterday I started to notice that my ankle had begun to swell. It didn’t really hurt much, so I let it go for a while. We walked to tons of temples. Two in particular Read the Rest…

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Welcome to Kyoto

marzgurl | Apr 2 2010 | Comments  1 

We left the hostel in Tokyo at about 9 AM yesterday morning. The only problem with that was that our Shinkansen didn’t arrive until 2 PM. We got to the station at something like 11 AM, and I asked the guy at the station if our tickets were okay, and he looked at me like Read the Rest…

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