Okay. ; Can we stop talking about manga sites closing down now?

Even Nozomi wants to join everyone else in the streaming business.

Forums Fixed (Plus Current Projects)

marzgurl | Jul 17 2010 | Comments  6 

Actually, to be honest with you, this isn’t really news. On that same day the forums went down, they went back up again. Unfortunately, it came at the price of not having this blog actually sit at MarzGurlProductions.com. So, for now, MarzGurlProductions.com just redirects here still. I’ll have it figured out. But I want to Read the Rest…

cat]: News

Crunchyroll is no longer in the red! ; What does this mean for digital streaming in the future?

Many anime companies have unveiled new licenses over this past week. ; What’s new?

Jrock and anime go hand in hand!

While some companies want to close down scanlation rings, others want to work hand-in-hand with them.

What happens when a scanlation site decides they want to quit performing illegal activity?

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the manga you ever wanted all in one place? ; Yeah, too bad that’ll cost you $500.

Not long after we’ve learned 4Kids is on the market, we now learn FUNimation may be up for sale. ; Is this a good thing?