MarzGurl Sings! – Delightful Spekkio

marzgurl | Oct 22 2010 | Comments  2 

In a random act of fun, MarzGurl arranges a happy theme from Chrono Trigger.

Media Blasters dives into risky territory. ; Good idea, or bad idea?

No lyrics, just vocals. MarzGurl tackles a fan favorite from the Duck Tales NES game!

A Japanese rock star and an American comic legend want to create a comic book together. The result? LIGHTNING!

MarzGurl Discusses Final Fantasy XIV

marzgurl | Oct 6 2010 | Comments  6 

Despite its wide criticism, MarzGurl is dumb and likes this game. ; Why? (Rerender of this video to come soon.)

AT&T’s U-verse has picked up The FUNimation Channel. ; But at what cost to you?

Could 4Kids really not be all that bad? ; Really?

cat]: One Offs

Many Shotaro Ishinomori works are coming to the iPhone soon. Is it worth the purchase of an iPhone?

Part three of MarzGurl’s 4Kids Month, just how far do all of these TV show edits go!?

cat]: One Offs

Part two of MarzGurl’s 4Kids Month, how drastically different are an anime’s intro themes after 4Kids has place their hands on it?

cat]: One Offs