An intro and basic explanation of who and what DisneyToon Studios is, and why December is about to get that much more awesome!

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MarzGurl in London – Part Two

marzgurl | Dec 1 2010 | Comments  6 

MarzGurl hits up the UK’s biggest party, the London MCM Expo!

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MarzGurl’s Awesome Charity Auction

marzgurl | Nov 24 2010 | Comments  2 

Bid on a one-of-a-kind arcade stick coffee table in the name of charity! ; Come take a look!  

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MarzGurl’s Upcoming Projects

marzgurl | Nov 17 2010 | Comments  12 

MarzGurl promises to not get more boring than this in the future. But at least this video tells you about stuff coming up that’s LESS boring!

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I’m Not Worthy!

marzgurl | Nov 14 2010 | Comments  22 

This is a topic that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, but it is currently fresh in my mind and is magnified by the fact that I am here at YuleCon this weekend and have experienced it even more so. I typically think that I’m just the Average Joe who just got Read the Rest…

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MarzGurl in London – Part One

marzgurl | Nov 11 2010 | Comments  11 

Prior to the MCM Expo, MarzGurl arrives in London. Can she manage to stumble around all on her own?

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Another sad loss in the anime community.

MarzGurl Sings! – Delightful Spekkio

marzgurl | Oct 22 2010 | Comments  2 

In a random act of fun, MarzGurl arranges a happy theme from Chrono Trigger.

Media Blasters dives into risky territory. ; Good idea, or bad idea?

No lyrics, just vocals. MarzGurl tackles a fan favorite from the Duck Tales NES game!