This week, FUNimation worked hard to fight piracy and save their streams. But was it really what they wanted to do?

Amazing Channel Awesome Charity Auction

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[ ?posts_id=4696061&dest=57459] Help kids and get cool stuff signed by TGWTG personalities at the same time! If you can afford it, bid! ; If not, please go to and donate whatever it is you can. Link to the Auction –

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4Kids’ CEO Al Kahn quits and retires from 4Kids Entertainment. ; Sounds like a dream to fans, but is that what this really means for this company?

Come to MAGFest for all your TGWTG needs! ; Plus more upcoming material for the New Year.

I mentioned on my Twitter account recently that my birthday is coming up (January 27th). I guess upon mentioning that, a few people wanted to know if there was anything they could do for my birthday. I received a few E-mails, actually, asking if I had a PayPal account they could donate to. Heh, always Read the Rest…

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When the now well-hated Governer of Tokyo host the Tokyo International Anime Fair, what do anime companies decide to do for themselves?

With the month winding down, let’s give thanks for fond memories!

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Direct-To-Video movies is where the studio shines!

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Anime News Editorial – Anti-Otaku Law

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Could Japanese animation, comics, and video games be changing forever?

Not all of the Disney Afternoon cartoons were animated by DisneyToon Studios. So, which ones were?

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