Will MarzGurl conquer the spiciest burger known to man?

cat]: One Offs

You will believe a longneck can touch the sun.

Just when you thought the movies might have at least been mediocre…

Wait, can dinosaurs survive in the cold?

Well, it had to roll back from “mediocre” to “bad” at some point.

Is it possible that the movies are becoming simply mediocre?

Is there a pot of gold at the end of this double rainbow?

Is it possible that each movie in this series gets progressively worse?

Regarding reviews, story lines, etc.

marzgurl | Feb 16 2011 | Comments  6 

Not much has really prompted me to discuss this, but I was just kinda thinking about it, and if I think about a certain topic for more than five minutes then I usually want to write a blog about it. So, here we go. Of course, as the last couple of posts have shown, I’ve Read the Rest…

It all goes downhill from here.