Anime News Editorial – Just Give Up

marzgurl | May 19 2011 | Comments  1 

Even though 4Kids has been sued and is filing for bankruptcy, they just can’t accept that Yu-Gi-Oh! may end up in another company’s hands.

Only ran one season, but that’s just one season too many.

It’s the final movie in the Land Before Time direct-to-video series! ; It’s all over!

The Art of Subtitling

marzgurl | Apr 28 2011 | Comments  5 

Yes, it’s that time again. Time for me to come off as some kind of pretentious tool who thinks she knows better than the people who produce or subtitle works of visual media. Well, all I can really say is that it’s not my intention to try and force anyone who enjoys subtitling to change Read the Rest…

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As MarzGurl gains a whole new appearance, the Great Valley gets invaded by the smallest creatures with the manliest jaws.

Will MarzGurl conquer the spiciest burger known to man?

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You will believe a longneck can touch the sun.

Just when you thought the movies might have at least been mediocre…

Wait, can dinosaurs survive in the cold?

Well, it had to roll back from “mediocre” to “bad” at some point.