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MarzGurl discusses the first in Don Bluth’s full length animated features.

cat]: One Offs

The first in a series of videos about Don Bluth’s animations, MarzGurl discusses Bluth’s break-out short animated movie, Banjo the Woodpile Cat.

cat]: One Offs

MarzGurl Sings! – Golden Sky

marzgurl | Jul 14 2011 | Comments  3 

MarzGurl returns to singing in an a cappella rendition of Golden Sky as performed by and featured in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA.

So, is Alice in Wonderland, or Paris? Or both? And why does she meet with the cartoon and childrens’ book character Madeline?

Just how terrifying is it that Gene Simmons is working with Sanrio to make a KISS-specialized Hello Kitty?

Sam Raimi’s live-action TV adaptation of the anime series Noir just got greenlit to air on Starz. Can this be pulled off gracefully?

It is no exaggeration to say that this is pretty much the worst piece of animation in the history of ever.

cat]: One Offs

The final Land Before Time video is here, and despite the fact that the word “games” is in the title, it isn’t fun at all.

As TOKYOPOP shuts down, they explain what’s happening with all of their unfinished and unpublished manga.