MarzGurl thought it was all over years ago. But she has no idea that after all these years, there’s still more coming. Thank you, Patreon contributors!

Here’s an unexpected license under the Capcom video game franchise Monster Hunter! These two flavors of beef jerky from are an interesting novelty that anyone who likes both Monster Hunter and jerky is going to be tempted to try. Are these two flavors worth the purchase? Buy your jerky while it’s still available!

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This is commentary from Kaylyn and Josh Saucedo, who wrote, directed, and appeared in the movie Farewell, FamiKamen Rider.  Learn about the creation process behind the movie and how closely we attempted to get to Justin “JewWario” Carmical’s original intentions for his originally slated project.

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If you’re coming to MAGFest, I hope you’ll be attending the premiere of the rough cut of “Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider”, premiering in Panel Room 1 on January 23rd at 11:30 PM. Here’s the second teaser trailer for the movie. Looking forward to seeing you there.

MarzGurl Productions presents “Saraba/Farewell, FamiKamen Rider,” the thrilling conclusion to the story authored by the late Justin Carmical. After a massive fight in Canada, the FamiKamen Rider has gone missing in action, leaving his transformation belt behind and his cartridge vanished. In the aftermath of the battle, a new enemy appears, seeking out the power Read the Rest…

In April 2012, JewWario and MarzGurl filmed a short slapstick fan fiction written by Peter Chimaera. It seemed to be long since lost, but was recently recovered. Though two years late, see the short video Justin was excited to film.

Video: TGWTG Panel @ GATO Con

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Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, and MarzGurl host a TGWTG panel at GATO Con in Kingsville, Texas.

  Here’s a project I’ve been very passionate about, and I hope that it shows. I’ve been working on the whole series for a very, very long time. I actually have the entirety of the script written, and now the whole rest of it is simply in the editing stages. So, hopefully, you won’t have Read the Rest…

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Only just now realizing that I hadn’t cross-posted this over to my blog, when really, it’s my blog audience that needs to see this the most. Here you go!

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