MarzGurl’s Vlog – 003

marzgurl | Mar 19 2010 | more 

I recorded these in two pieces. Sorry, didn’t quite expect for this to take twenty minutes, but I guess it did. And I don’t even think I really rambled or anything. Anyway, here’s parts one and two of vlog 003, mostly regarding travel to Japan.



5 responses to “MarzGurl’s Vlog – 003”

  1. Shaun says:

    Yeah the Yakuza never mess with foreigners unless they actually try to mess with them other then that its just the weird pervs for females.

  2. Clark says:

    Hey Marz
    I hope you have an awesome and safe trip to Japan
    also thanks for the quick tips

  3. mhee says:

    Enjoy your travels…
    Your Journey Will be Awesome…
    May Peace Walk With You…

    Hope you like the Haiku.

  4. mensch says:

    Your trip has me wondering if man could live solely off what he/she can buy from jihankis…and what such a diet would be like.

  5. rgoro says:

    I hope, no, I DEMAND that this is the last time you talk with your cat in camera and do not introduce her or him to us. Why do you have a cat if you don’t wanto to show her/him to everyone???