MarzGurl’s Vlog – 002

marzgurl | Mar 6 2010 | more 


I visited an arcade today (GameTown in Ingram Park Mall) and have noticed a severe decline in gamer’s courtesy. It really bothers me, and I just needed to talk about it.

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  1. John says:

    *wistful sigh* I miss arcades. Once upon a time, there was a great one in Jersey that had well-maintained cabinets and reasonably courteous patrons, and it was a big teen hangout because it stayed open well after the mall closed. Sadly, it did not survive the economic crisis, and now the only place around to play arcade games is Dave & Buster’s.

    Regarding shadow girl: It’s one thing for someone to be impatient during a normal set, but even the most patient among us would start to get antsy if the person ahead of us was playing 25 SONGS IN A ROW. You might as well have hung up a sign that says “machine reserved. Come back in 2 hours.” It’s not entirely your fault, though. The arcade owner should have reduced the maximum possible play time so that more people could play (and pay, otherwise they’ll never recover the cost of the cabinet.) That said, I appreciate the fact that you spoke your mind and I can relate to feeling like the kids today don’t have any manners. Keep up the great work!

  2. Riftwolf says:

    This sort of thing has gone on for years on pool tables; you’ll get people sharking round the tables, not actually playing, but as soon as people start up a game they’ll want to challenge them. It’s bad courtesy and puts off a lot of people who play for fun, like me and my friends (We’re so bad at pool we can make one match last a night, easily.)
    I agree with John that 25 songs in a row is a bit of a game-hog, and getting a combo of 3000 really should be enough for you to walk away from that machine satisfied and never have to think of it again.
    I remember playing the old Jurassic Park rail-shooter in Eurodisney for hours, I was playing for so long eventually one of the workers was hanging over my shoulder watching me (It was one of the snazzy ones with the jeep that jerked about when you got hit). I got up to one of the final bosses and got my ass handed to me (I’m no good at firing quickly and accurately, I’m much better at dual-wielding and firing like a John Woo film, hoping for the best), he reached over, put a key in the machine, and gave me a bunch more credits! Didn’t make it past that boss though.

    • marzgurl says:

      Hey, if anyone else was actually standing there waiting to play, I’d never have chosen that nonstop set. But they weren’t, there was no one waiting. And in any other game, if I’m only doing a normal 5-song set where I’m not worried about messing up, I have no problems. Heck, that same girl has come up and shadowed next to me a ton of times and I’ve never told her to go away. But I had just about had this beat (which, by the way, as soon as I beat that set, I’ll feel like I never need to play that machine ever again), and I tried my best to explain I didn’t want to be mean to her, and the next thing I know she throws me a bunch of attitude and I’m told she mocked me behind my back later.

      Honestly, I play fair, and I don’t think I was rude. The machine plays 25 songs, I paid my money, I wanted to play my 25 songs. And I’d have never picked the set if I knew other people were going to get all buggy in the middle of it.

  3. John says:

    Again, the problem here is not that you played a 25-song set, it’s that the machine (and the arcade operators who set up the machine) allowed anyone to play for what I’m guessing is at least 50 minutes on a single credit. That’s just bad design, considering arcades are only able to stay in business by forcing players to keep shelling out quarters and/or dollars every few minutes or so.

    With that in mind, there’s nothing inherently wrong with playing a game as it’s designed to be played. Sure, Shadow Girl might find it inconvenient that she can’t play the game she wants to when she wants to (this is America, and waiting is for suckers!) but that doesn’t give her license to behave rudely and potentially ruin your game. I’m sure that if the situation was reversed, she would have blown her top if she’d lost her streak because someone was distracting her. So kudos to you for showing that you are the better person, whether she realizes it or not.

  4. Hun, as far as I can recall there were always all kinds of jerks around the arcade machines waiting for the right moment to comment shit about your gamming, to interrupt you in the middle of a fight on the KOF, KI, MK or whatever only to challenge and annoy you, to make you friendly suggestions that over the course of the session it became some sort of pester, and of course that same kind of person like that girl who was shadowing you.
    If you never experienced such thing in the past lemme tell you that up until now you were very lucky. But I also agree that these new generations of troll gammers are very rude on the same level of a fucking kindergarten echoing ev ery word you pronounce.
    Nope, is not your imagination…we all feel the same way sometimes, and to be honest lately I’ve been longing for the old good days when we were just small kids playing around the arcades with a fisful of coins and with lots of titles to choose from between the late 80’s and the late 90’s

  5. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    We can all agree that the guy who forced her into a competition was jerk though, right?

    We lost the last arcade recently (or the one close to me that I know of when the amusement parks are closed or the handful at the theater) when the city decided they wanted to tear the mall down and sell the property–which last I heard they still haven’t; glad they don’t run MY town.

  6. I just recently learned there’s an arcade in my town. As you mentioned in the vlog, the machines there are in questionable condition. I was the happiest girl in the world when I saw they had The Simpsons and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I RAGED when both machines had sticky buttons and screwed up joysticks.

    And that shadow girl was a total punk. If there was a game I wanted to play and someone else was on it, I’d just go play something else. Or I’d ask ’em if I could watch if they were kicking all sorts of ass.

  7. Alex D says:

    For me Arcade died when mine took away my ‘Fist of the North Star” Punching Game was gone…

    I miss it to this day and hope I’ll buy it later on.

  8. Aren says:

    Heh, that’s a shame. I used to go to the arcade ALL THE BLOODY TIME when I was a kid. Until now, I had forgotten about just how much I used to go.

    I even remember this huge arcade place at Central Park Mall now … I had BAGS of those tickets that spit out of every machine that you could use to buy stuff.

    Oh, yeah! And we used to go to Malibu Castle all the time.

    My fondest memory is of my friend and I playing this tank game … I looked up the name and it was called ‘T-Mek’. I remember one session where we played for what seemed forever on like a couple of quarters — literally — because you could keep playing (for free) if you defeated challengers. People in the arcade kept challenging us and we kept beating them … They must have been pissed! Twin stick guided missile FTW — it was a riot.

  9. Karin Dru says:

    Hi, I’m the know it all from the plagiarism post. I hope you don’t mind, but I find you entertaining.

    Course I’ve got an opinion on this one, too. You’re not old (I’m ten years older than you are and I’m not old), but you are falling on one side of a generation gap, here. Rude people have always been, but the kids now were raised when there was no wait for anything. (Bored? You’ve probably got a phone that surfs the web and plays 20548756 games.) That, plus having acquired one’s etiquette from teh interwebz has created a certain species of annoying, from my perspective. Instant gratification+ never REALLY getting to know half the people you interact with= “When are you gonna be dooOOOOoone?!”

    I remember the really talented (or obsessed) gamers at my arcades earlier in life and when they were on a machine, you knew you couldn’t play for a while, but they were always so fun to watch! I mean I guess I can see her point but the hour long game is not new, and while you’re waiting, you can always, quietly, place bets.

    • marzgurl says:

      Hahaha, see, everyone’s thinking this game takes an hour. Half that, really. But I realize that’s still a long time.

      Well, no matter, ’cause I actually just beat that set today. Now I don’t have to try to beat it ever again. 🙂

  10. Rebekah says:

    Try going at like, 9 AM on a Monday. 😛

  11. Alex D says:

    Why don’t you record a let’s play on DDR?

  12. Carrie says:

    (deadpan) You know you didn’t actually respond to her question about when you would be done, right. (deadpan)

    I think that there are two points of view, three if you count the likely online response of “young people suck and everything is irreparably worse now than it was then”. One point of view is that, yes, what the girl was doing was stupid, because why would she not think to ask or why couldn’t she have done it farther away and why was she so petty about an arcade rhythm game anyway? But doing a HUEG set at that time is a little inadvisable. The kid is a typical Young Punk who doesn’t etiquette. AFAICT it is an equivalent, if not the equivalent, of someone heedlessly taking up two seats on a bus and someone else running up to them and kicking them in the kneecaps when the kicker is at their stop.

    People suck, though. And watching a 30mins. long set is probably more fun than shadowing because you don’t have to deal with, like, water or stray hairs or the soles of your feet.