MarzGurl's Vlog – 001

marzgurl | Mar 5 2010 | more 


Filmed via YouTube’s web cam capturing feature. Didn’t want to leave YouTube out of what I’ve been up to, so I’m starting one of these crappy, boring little YouTube vlog series. Discussing who I am and what I do and what I’m up to.

4 responses to “MarzGurl's Vlog – 001”

  1. ShrimpyLegs says:

    It’s always interesting to hear a story from the person who experienced it.

    I know what it is like, having to do many things at once and not being able to be productive. Truly, it sucks.

  2. mensch says:


    I’m no anime fan, or perhaps I should say, I’m a spent anime fan, having played too many lame jrpgs in my younger years, but yet, I watch your editorials. Not sure what that says about me, but that must mean you have something beyond the content.

    Honesty of the character captured when you turn on the camera, perhaps? I don’t know.

    Keep it up. Or keep something up.

    We have enough nostalgia farmers as it is.

  3. Uncomfortable in front of a camera? I can’t even get comfortable using a microphone. I also sound like a 13 year old male Marge Simpson despite being female, and have acne at age 23. You are not alone!

    I’ve always found your videos, anime or otherwise, to be pretty darn entertaining. True your comedy isn’t as polished as the other fellas on the site, but that just adds to the fun. At least for me.

    Those are my two cents. Work hard, party hearty, have a nice day.

  4. Alex D says:

    As long as you give certain content [like Vlogs or other reviews] to the people, they will come and I think they would certainly like it especially the fans.

    My first vid of yours was the response to Spoony’s Finale and actually explaining the ending of FFVIII. I loved it and became a fan since.

    All I’m saying is that you look great and you’re doing fine.