MarzGurl Remembers Japan

marzgurl | Jul 31 2010 | more 

More than three months ago, MarzGurl and friends returned from Japan. ; Finally, we get to see a glimpse at the results of the trip.

6 responses to “MarzGurl Remembers Japan”

  1. Rekki says:

    I cant watch the video 🙁

  2. izual says:

    Yeah me too.

  3. Mensch says:

    A follow-up here. I don’t think I ever posted to say how much I enjoyed your in-Japan travel blog. Something about them put me in your shoes.

    Do you remember that Simpson’s episode where Patty and Selma subject the Simpsons to slides of their trip to Mexico? That happened to me, too, when I was a kid. I’m not a big fan of travel photos or video. Or rather, I’m skeptical I’ll get much out of them. I’m more into what it “feels like” to be there which I find in abundance in your writing. I’m hoping further videos will leak out some of that.

  4. Deka Black says:

    Like the music. Give a nice feel of enjoyment.

  5. beoxxvi says:

    Wow Marz that video was pretty awesomesauce. I can really feel your attachment and your love of Japan expressed with just the way the video flows. Not to mention some rhythm based editing. I aspire to edit like that! =3

  6. Rekki says:

    I finally watched the video. Seeing all the places you went to makes me miss Japan. I love the song BTW. You rock Marzgurl