MarzGurl Remembers Japan – Side B

marzgurl | Aug 1 2010 | more 

You had to know that laughs were to be had in the Land of the Rising Sun. Be prepared to take some time out of your day with this one…

6 responses to “MarzGurl Remembers Japan – Side B”

  1. Royal Lance says:

    Great video! I’m glad you are sharing your experience with us!

  2. ShiNAkuMA says:

    Jacob ruining shots made me LOL

  3. ThatDouche says:

    “Now comes the hard part, swallowing.”
    That’s what she said. 😛

    Great video, Kaylyn!

  4. Syn says:

    Did you try to get a pigeon!?
    Then chasing crows!?

    I expected a battle for the chocolate water

  5. Gen says:

    I wish I a kitten and ride a rainbow! =D

  6. Netsenshi says:

    One of those times Jacob was in ‘your shot’ he had asked me to take his picture before those orange gates. I don’t think that one should count, technically. Now him in the background of the pics of me with the sakura blossoms on the other hand… grrr….