MarzGurl in London – Part One

marzgurl | Nov 11 2010 | more 

Prior to the MCM Expo, MarzGurl arrives in London. Can she manage to stumble around all on her own?

11 responses to “MarzGurl in London – Part One”

  1. DanManX says:

    I’m sure by this point other people have commented, but the size of the title cards didn’t scale to the player.

    As the wasn’t a Blip player, however, I don’t know how much of that was you or the conversion/player.

  2. Darrell says:

    Sorry about your bad luck with a charger, I have had similar issues my self. my only question is why didn’t you call Film Brain for a lift to a store, I thought that he lives in London. Well glad that you are back and have fun blueberrying you own stuff, guess your towles at your place are already blue.



  3. Monty says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  4. That does kinda sound like a bad day in London which kinda sucks because one hopes you didn’t go home hating our country. At least you were able to do some accidental tourism and find the houses of parliament. 🙂

  5. Kari Dru says:

    My hair does the same thing, only purple, and only for about a week after I dye it, which is nice, because I only have to do so once my roots show. Still, I used to use much worse dye, and every time I took a shower it looked like I axe murdered a carebear. I learned to tip the cleaning staff at hotels very, very well.

  6. processr says:

    At least you got to see London before us students smashed the place up! Not that I was doing any of the smashing myself, I was well-behaved. :> Looking forward to further instalments. 😀

  7. Jake Broster says:

    OMG I thought I saw you in the line for the expo (I was the Jeice cosplayer and my fiance was the supreme kai 🙂 ), but I didn’t say anything….. so I wouldn’t look like a weirdo, you know going up to someone and saying hey are you marzgurl coz u got blue hair LOL. Sorry I didn’t say hi will you be going to the one in may? We will be having a big DBZ group again and I willl be cosplaying Demon King Piccolo

  8. Moofers says:

    Currys & PCworld are notorious rippoffs, sorry to be burden of bad news but a lot of people around my area try to avoid PC world as much as possible due to the rippoff prices.

    It’s odd that Tesco and Asda didn’t have any instock they usually do.

  9. Kris says:

    *was the guy running the DDR Tournament on the sunday*

    Had no idea you were at the premier travel inn too and had I not been completely exhausted come that sunday i would have clicked and realised who you were! I did spend most of the day just looking at the tournament sheet thinking “WHERE DO I KNOW THAT NAME?”.

    Was great meeting you and hope you had a lot of fun, and hopefully if you’re ever by again i wont have to force the tournament to end between two beginners… That was annoying that I wasnt allowed to change it.

    Going to the video though for a minute, didnt realise you’d been to namco on their DS Supernova ill have to go play it myself sometime! And its weird because up in the midlands of england where i live you can get chocolate icecream fairly easily anywhere 🙂

  10. I know im watching your video in 2012, but scince I started hitting myself in the face over your trouble with power coverters I needed to comment and try and help you in any future adveturing, please pass info on to other travelers.

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