Navigation and Support Update

marzgurl | May 16 2016 | zero 

Hello again, friends!

I’ve been doing a lot more work in a lot of ways behind the scenes to clean this place up and get myself more business-oriented. Somewhat along the lines of the blog entry I wrote up a few days back, I’ve changed some of the navigation functionality of this web page. In the MarzGurl dropdown at the header of this very page, you can see the new About MarzGurl page, giving a history of who I am and what I do, and how to get in contact with my manager if you’d like to have me as a guest personality at an upcoming event of yours.

Secondly, there’s an entirely new rollover section on the navigation bar entitled “Support”. In this new menu you can now easily find new ways to support my work or contribute in a number of ways, including linking to my Patreon page, PayPal donation links, various wish lists, and finally my PO Box. I recently had some people ask for a location where they can start sending things that they thought I might need or use or would like to review, and I’ve had some interesting things come my way. Thanks again to Keith W. for the recent awesome care package!


That’s about it for now. Working on the tail end of this Haibane Renmei review project now, and I’m hoping to have it ready for you Patreon contributors within the next day. Take care, everyone!

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