Working and Building

marzgurl | Sep 30 2009 | one 

Today I have added a couple more pages. They don’t currently have anything on them, but they should within the coming days. The pages are video related, and they separate into Anime and Video Game Conventions videos, and Reviews and Skits videos. I can’t access Blip or YouTube from here at work, so I can’t put up links to those videos. I may be able to link to the direct downloads on, though, so that’ll be one place to start.

I want to add another page, linking to all of my other social networks and such. I’ll get to work on that next. It’ll probably be more complete before the video pages reach completion.

I also want these pages to look more like the skin I have over at, but I’m running into a few issues getting that done. The first problem is that I’ll need to pay $14.95 in order to be able to edit the appearance of the blog. I guess that’s not such a big deal (but if anyone is willing to support that small amount to build this page up to look presentable, I DO have PayPal donations set up through 😉 ). But then I’d also have to change the appearance by editing the CSS code. It doesn’t look particularly difficult, but right now I’m really not fluent in CSS. I’ll keep tooling around with it myself because I honestly do want to learn, but I also want this up with speed and efficiency. If anyone can give me some guidance or advice, leave me a comment or contact me otherwise, and I’d love to hear it.

Also, SHOULD eventually link to this blog as its front page. All of will be completely different by the end of it all. I hope.

I want to create a series of pages that I can really be proud of. I hope to be able to provide that to all of you!