Putting In New Focus

marzgurl | May 10 2016 | more 

Hello everyone!

It feels good to be writing to all of you again. It’s been a while since I was laid off from my main job back in October. Life has been difficult since then, but I feel like I can’t give up now. I’m still working hard to make my personal work a success in the best way that I can. I haven’t mainlined my web site the way I’ve intended to, but I would like for that to start changing. For starters, I want to start writing more. I don’t just want this to be another place for you to come to see the videos that you can already see on my YouTube channel (though you can certainly start to see them updated a bit more regularly here), but also a place where you can come to get my thoughts on given topics. I’d like to start taking requests on given topics and to write about them more elaborately, in a way that I might not be able to put so well or so quickly into a video.

I want to travel, and I want to write, and I want to film things that not everybody gets a chance to see, and I want to share these experiences with the world. I feel like, even though I’m always wondering how I’m going to have enough money to eat and keep the roof over my family’s head, I’ve somehow still managed to get out there and do some pretty incredible things. In that sense, I can really say that I’ve been blessed. And I want to show other people that they can do the same thing. And if it’s not something you’re capable of doing right now, then I want to share it with you so that you can feel like you saw a lot of the awesome things that I also got to see.

I’ve lately been really inspired by a number of my friends who have been pursuing their dreams. My friend Shaun, who originated from north Texas, is currently living in South Korea and has been making videos and writing about his experiences for quite some time. His experiences are significantly different from mine, but despite all the things he found getting in the way he has managed to get out and be in a place he loves, doing what he loves, and working hard to achieve his dreams every day. And then there’s another friend of mine, Xero, who once was a voice actor but has turned his attention to his art, music, and writing. He, much like Shaun, has been writing about his experiences, which have also been vastly different from my own, but for that same reason have been able to fill me with purpose.

These people have greatly inspired to keep writing, to connect with people, and see how it can grow me, my job, my brand, and my life. Furthermore, you might see that I’ve made some minor changes and additions here and there to this site. Or maybe not because this site hasn’t been getting a lot of traffic, not even from myself. But I’ve added in more ways to connect with me, more ways to watch my videos and my streams, a place where these blogging spots seem a little more obvious, and a clear link to the store where you can pick up all new MarzGurl T-Shirts and stickers that have recently been produced. I have one of the shirts myself, and I love them. The art is by Erin Nagy who is also the current artist of the web comic Fixer, a comic about a rock band in the ’90s. I also want to thank Roger Shackleford, owner of Tainted Reality, for giving me some recent help both with these shirts and stickers and for acting as my manager for convention appearances. If you’re at all interested in having me attend a local event near you, check out my newly remastered about page to reach Roger and schedule me for an appearance, to host a panel, or to host an event.

As always, Patreon is my main avenue for my major work. Currently, I’ve nearly completed a review on Haibane Renmei and expect that to be up and ready in a couple of days. Next I’ll be working on a review of the live action Japanese series Atelier, followed by the anime Crest of the Stars. If you’re at all interested in getting a Request Review of your own, please become a Patreon contributor today. There’s tons of other cool rewards, too, so please read up on them.

Thank you all, as always, for your kindness and your continued support. I’m looking forward to bringing more content to all of you and to working with more of you in the near future!

2 responses to “Putting In New Focus”

  1. Christy Ford says:

    I loved watching Atelier. It was quite a learning experience about business, culture, tradition and innovation.

  2. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    Life has kept me off my site for awhile as well, but I’m hoping to get back to work. It happens and you can only roll with it. I will be looking forward to more articles.