Piling Up the Work

marzgurl | Jan 26 2010 | more 

I can see myself getting busier and busier as time goes on.

I’m trying to find the best way to make myself marketable. I’ve decided that when I’m scripted, I’m not particularly funny. If I’m trying to script something, I’ll need to remain semi-serious with only the occasional snide comment. But then I started being welcomed onto podcasts, and things started changing. I found that I’ve been told that I do fairly well when I’m given some live or freespeak time, and that I lend myself well to podcasts. As such, after having been invited to the Big Bald Broadcast, I was offered a more permanent position on B!tchcast, and have been featured on Nerd to the Third and Transmission Awesome (with an upcoming appearance on Moonhawk Studios Presents). It’s hard to manage, but I want to do all of it! I will keep working to find my place out there on the Internet. Here’s what’s currently on my plate:

*My REAL Job
*Anime News Editorials, weekly (with other Translation Terrors and skits still coming)
*Offer to write articles for Crunchyroll’s newsletter
*Other Podcast appearances (this includes a possible upcoming reoccuring segment on Nerd to the Third)
*Offer to host some tabletop games at KamiKazeCon
*Three-Days-A-Week World of Warcraft Livestream events
*Currently planning weekly live/mp3-edited podcast

As you can see, my plate is full for the immediate future. You may have noticed that in that list above, I’ve listed that I’m interested in starting a podcast of my own. I consider B!tchcast to be my home, but I’d really like to play around with making one for myself, making my own format, learning the tools and tricks of the trade. Basically, I’m going to be hosting this with Andrew Leavitt, who you may know better as Andycakes, if you are a frequent attendee of the WoW broadcast. Andrew has attempted to script videos before in the past, but I think everyone who knows him agrees that he’s far better when he’s unscripted and is able to bounce commentary off of someone. So, this will be a co-hosting podcast.

What makes the format interesting is that this will not be just any ordinary show. In fact, it will be THE ordinary show. It will be so incredibly ordinary, however we will run around touting it and singing its praises from the mountain top, and we’ll essentially fool you into believing that it’s the most amazing thing since Conan O’Brien left NBC. Though a title has not been determined just yet, the slogan has: “Nothing you care about, Everything you don’t”. All of our special guests will be nobody special. That’s what makes them special, of course. Everyone on the Internet talks plainly about comics, video games, anime, etc. But no one expects a show about WHATEVER COMES TO THE TOP OF THE HOSTS’ HEADS. The guests will all initially be people I know. Like my next-door neighbors. Or my co-workers. And we will learn the amazing details of their incredibly plain, mundane stories. I promise you, it will be the most exciting group of nobodies you’ve ever heard of. I dare you to give our program a try just once. I’m certain that you’ll be hooked.

…I say that, of course, having not yet produced the content at all. Just you wait. More word on that to come.

But, in any case, as you can see, I’m mighty busy lately. But I can’t exactly say I don’t enjoy it. So, stay tuned. More content from me is always coming!

  • Burzmali

    Good luck to you.

    May the passion panties be at your side?

  • kayla

    So the podcast sounds like a lot of fun actually. To be honest the ones I regularly listen to sound more like just people sitting down and chatting about nothing.

    Will this be on iTunes?

    • I’d love to get it to iTunes. If not iTunes, it will most definitely be otherwise downloadable.

  • Congratulations on deciding to start a cast of your own; after hearing your appearance on Transmission Awesome, I had questioned why you hadn’t done it sooner myself. It can be hard work at first but, like any other production, it really pays off. Good fortune on the outcome, regardless!

  • Good luck! =)

  • That Douche

    I’m looking forward to that podcast. It sounds interesting. And remember last night on the broadcast you said I could be a guest and I’m going to hold you to that :). OWW that sounds like it’s going to be so much fun!

  • NetSenshi

    Ma’am, you have my sword at your command.

  • You do quite well on podcasts. Would you consider a guest spot on mine later this year? Made Of Fail is an all-encompassing geek show, where we and the fans recommend things to each other, hilarity ensues, and we review major topics of the moment.

    We’ve yet to do an anime show, though, despite us having two huge anime fans in our repertoire, and I’m sure they’d love the chance to geek out with you. 🙂