Tokusatsu (Special Effects) in the US

marzgurl | Dec 13 2009 | Comments  5 

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight isn’t particularly my favorite adaptation of a Japanese intellectual property, but I’ll admit, the US producers were trying their hardest to make this adaptation entertaining. However it would appear that CW4Kids doesn’t exactly agree. On December 26th, just two episodes short of the series finale, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is being Read the Rest…

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A sort of mini-review of Miracle Train

marzgurl | Nov 30 2009 | Comments  3 

I originally wrote this in a thread on the AnimeNewsNetwork forums, but I figured I’d copy what I wrote here, too. It’s none too detailed, but it may be interesting enough for some individuals. Regarding the discussion of Miracle Train – First, why does everybody use this image when they’re bringing up the Miracle Train Read the Rest…

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Fanfiction Authors… Offended?

marzgurl | Nov 17 2009 | Comments  6 

So, yeah, I’ve read a good amount of fanfiction lately… a lot of it regarding the That Guy With The Glasses crew. Surprisingly, these authors have quite the good English literacy, and paint a vivid picture of what they want to portray with their words. I wanted to start by saying that these authors have Read the Rest…

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Working and Building

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Today I have added a couple more pages. They don’t currently have anything on them, but they should within the coming days. The pages are video related, and they separate into Anime and Video Game Conventions videos, and Reviews and Skits videos. I can’t access Blip or YouTube from here at work, so I can’t Read the Rest…

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Playing in the Past: Giga Pets

marzgurl | Jun 24 2009 | Comments  3 

1997 seemed to be the year of the virtual, digital, portable pets. The craze from Japan, starting with the Tamagotchi in 1996, started a frenzy among school-aged children that caused write-ups, detentions, and confiscations in the classrooms across America. And, as lame as it may sound, I was one of those kids who was hooked. Read the Rest…

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Fans. What a Strange Bunch.

marzgurl | Jun 5 2009 | Comments  54 

I don’t have many fans. I am not a good actor. I am very stiff and rigid, and my line delivery is very painful. I hate listening to myself. I hate looking at myself. And I hate having to watch and listen to myself as I edit my videos. And yet SOMEHOW, I managed to Read the Rest…

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What can I say about Final Fantasy VII that everyone else on the Internet hasn’t already said? Twelve years ago, this game is what defined the J-RPG on the PlayStation. It brought an entirely new generation of RPG gamers into the scene and had moments that elements that changed not only the Final Fantasy franchise Read the Rest…

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Introduction to this Blog

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“…This will involve current events in animation, video games, comics, conventions, and everything else in between. It may be someplace to go to hear news, or it may be someplace to go to get some intellectual discussions. But most importantly, it will be fun and informative…”

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