I talked about potentially releasing this calendar over on my Twitter feed, and it got a surprisingly good reaction.  So, I’ve gone ahead and done it!  Introducing the MarzGurl Hates Hats wall calendar!


I initially wanted to sell an 18-month calendar since we’re already somewhat into the middle of the year, but it looked like I didn’t have the option to sell that at mass scale.  But don’t worry!  I have plans to make a 2013 calendar as well as soon as the option becomes available.  For now, I hope you will enjoy my uncomfortable misery and travel through the year with me as I wear embarrassing headgear.  Head on over to CafePress and pick up your MarzGurl Hates Hats wall calendar today!

  • bwahahahaha, that’s awesome.

    Next year you should do a “Marzgurl hates [pet] in hats” where you have photos of your disgust with your dog/cat/whatever in various stupid hats.

    That’s pretty much a license to print money.