Introduction to this Blog

marzgurl | May 28 2009 | zero 

To any and all who are familiar with me, hello and welcome to my NEWEST blog.  To any and all who are UNfamiliar with me, please visit my About page.

This blog will be different from other blogs I have started before in the past. While there are other more private and personal blogs I’ve created floating around out there, this one probably consists of all of those things you care about the most. This will involve current events in animation, video games, comics, conventions, and everything else in between. It may be someplace to go to hear news, or it may be someplace to go to get some intellectual discussions. But most importantly, it will be fun and informative. At this blog, I also want to give you a sort of old-school “web ring” feeling, keeping all of my activities balanced out in one place, linking to all of my current projects.

By the way, I am looking for some assistance in rebuilding and restructuring my web site and am wondering if there are any readers out there who would be interested in taking on the task. And, yes, I am willing to pay my web designer. Please comment or send me an E-mail at

Thanks to all of my watchers/readers, and I hope to be seeing you around, whether that be on the Internet or IRL.

Take care.