Fans. What a Strange Bunch.

marzgurl | Jun 5 2009 | more 

I don’t have many fans. I am not a good actor. I am very stiff and rigid, and my line delivery is very painful. I hate listening to myself. I hate looking at myself. And I hate having to watch and listen to myself as I edit my videos.

And yet SOMEHOW, I managed to pick up a fan or two along the way. It’s freaking amazing. I mean, if I weren’t me and I were watching my videos, I’d really freaking hate me. But somehow, some people out there DON’T hate me, and even manage to suffer through my crappy audio and crappy visuals.

I’m sometimes surprised when I read/watch/hear comments of me being attractive (’cause, geez, a TON of the Internet says that I’m not), that people actually think I’m funny (’cause, geez, most people beg me to shut up), and that they want to see me make more videos (’cause, geez, most people want me to get rid of the ones I already have).

I’ve actually remained relatively safe from Internet cruelty and fan hysterics. It’s only consisted of words in blogs and 4chan posts, for the most part. And I’m certainly glad that I’m no Nostalgia Critic or Angry Video Game Nerd, with disgusting fan fictions getting fabricated about my character. But everything seems to only just be beginning.

I’ve already appeared to have crossed over into the world of fan art. I’ll be showing you guys a sample of some of the stuff that’s been introduced to me. Some of it makes sense. Others of it is almost disturbing. And for even MORE others, well… I actually don’t think a “fan” created it at all.

Some fan art somewhat makes sense. Take this fan art, for example, where I’m featured in a montage portrait of Linkara’s “Daredevil Issue 306” video (art by Pie3492 of deviantART).

It makes sense. That’s what I was wearing. That’s what I was saying. I don’t know why I’m sitting on what appears to be a barrel since I was sitting on my knees, but whatever, it’s cool. I like it, it’s a fun little piece.

Then there’s stuff that makes me remember… “Oh, yeah, I’m on the Internet.”

The picture is entitled “TGWTG TG’ed”, drawn by Annie13 of deviantART. I have to admit, all of those “TG”s in TGWTG only lends itself to asking somebody to make Trans-Gendered artwork of a few of us. What’s funny is that this actually falls right into my long-running personal Internet joke. Most people obviously don’t think that girls really exist on the Internet. So, when they see my screen name, they used to often ask, “Are you really a girl?” I’d say, “No. I’m a man. In fact, I’m going to start calling myself MarzMan.” And in a small circle of people, the joke nickname “MarzMan” actually picked up. It certainly didn’t help during the TGWTG 1-Year Anniversary video:
Linkara: I AM A MAN!
MarzGurl: SO AM I!… Gotcha!

So, maybe I should have seen this coming.


I am a man.

But this last one… man… I felt dirty editing this picture. But it simply HAD to be edited. I also wonder if I should even be telling the Internet about it, only encouraging people to further look for the original picture. But this…

I have no words. I’m really torn on what to think. You may be surprised, but I’m not as disturbed as perhaps I should be. What you’re seeing is maybe only 1/3rd of the original piece of art. Below the cut at the bottom of the image was nudity, further blood, and missing body parts. It features not only myself, but also Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick). I actually thought that whoever drew us really paid attention to our faces. THE FACES ARE ACTUALLY FREAKING GOOD! Whoever you are, guro artist, your art DOESN’T SUCK! But what’s with the rock shirts we’re wearing? What’s with the emo lyrics in the background? And even with all of these strange, disturbing images, you know what I was REALLY thinking the whole time? I was really thinking, “Man… the artist got my nipples ALL WRONG!” But seriously, the work we do on TGWTG has nothing to do with emo rock bands and self mutilation, so I have no idea why the artist chose to take us in this direction.

But, now I know. Everyone really is right. Rule 34 truly is now a rule. If it exists, there is porn of it on the Internet. I suppose you could call it porn. It’s nudity, anyway. Getting halfway there. Why anyone would want nudity of me, I’ll never have a clue, especialy when so much of the Internet seems to think I’m a man with a few curves.

So, yeah. Fans. Sometimes you’re cool. Sometimes your thought process gets a little bit out of my reach. And then other times you just blow my freaking mind. But it certainly isn’t going to make me run and hide.

  • The Wise Mankey

    That’s just the power of the internet for ya…

    Too bad the more obsessive-compulsive parts of it were seen in full force during A-Kon.

    • Nam-Ereh-Won

      Whoa dude, Mankey. Haven’t seen you since I stopped hanging around FB20XL years ago.

      • marzgurl

        Whoa, you two know each other?

      • The Wise Mankey

        Well that explains how you found my Twitter. =P But yes, it HAS been awhile. Seems I’m reconnecting with a lot of people from my past lately, what after getting back in touch with Sakura and Mausy recently.

  • Todd

    My rule on it is to find a balance between greatfulness and overworking. Enjoy what the person contributes, comment and support their stuff, be friendly but reserved, if you want to give them a little something out of gratitude, that’s fine ( For example sending Destin a copy of Fight Club the game for the lolz ).

    When you start getting into fan fiction and true honest to god effort just for the person, that goes a bit too far for me. But then again it all depends on the person. Some may be creeped out by a single piece of fan art and some may love a fan fiction.

  • Yup, as a matter of fact you have your very own fans.
    Looking forward for your next review.

    (PS: because of you the Passion Panties are stuck in our minds for the rest of our lives XD)

  • Anonymous

    the lyrics actually aren’t emo. i googled ’em, and it’s alice cooper’s “only women bleed.”

  • Frogs Albatou

    Wow. Just wow. I don’t know what to say, but keep up the good work Marzgurl. All I can promise in return is that I won’t do any guro artwork of you.

  • Griffin

    Not to sound creepy, but you shouldn’t complain about improper nipple artwork unless you’re willing to provide source material.

    As far as people thinking you’re attractive. YOU’RE A GIRL NERD! The fact that you’re also in decent shape doesn’t hurt either. The scary part should be that you get bonus points for being a bit of a tomboy. Er, it’s probably best if you don’t dwell on that. 🙂

    • 4n0nym00s3

      Precisely! Hence, the limitation of imagination.

      Since this IS the internet, nerd chic always stays in high demand.

  • Anonymous

    Whenever you become an internet celebrity, consider the following:

    Will you be able to sleep at night knowing people from around the globe, from Chile to Canada, will be masturbating and cumming on your face? If so, then good sport!

  • 4n0nym00s3

    To add, Amebix is the Anarcho-Punk band which combined elements of its parent genre with Heavy Metal, creating the definitive sound that is Crust Punk. Their later release, Monolith, actually crosses over INTO Heavy Metal, effectively defining their sound as both Punk AND Metal.

  • beverins

    You haven’t truly made it until people make guro art of you. Congratulations to the big time.

  • Richard Watts

    I’m the artist who drew the final picture with the gore. It was a commission for a client, and they gave me all the details that they wanted. I didn’t question them, so I don’t understand the motivation behind the various aspects of it, just did what they asked. I’m not even familiar with you or the other person in the picture! I just worked from images I was given and followed instructions. Thanks for sharing my work on here! I understand why it can’t be shown in full. Glad you haven’t taken offense to it.

    • No worries! Like I said in the blog, aside from the gore, the art is actually good! The only thing I can say is, I know there’s no way you can see my eyes in my videos, but my eyes are blue, not brown. 😉

      Thanks for commenting. 😀

      • Richard Watts

        Ah, the client may ask me to rework it in that case. In addition, I’m colourblind anyway, so I have to be given specific instructions for every last bit of colour in a picture, if it is to be accurate. So plenty of room for errors!

      • It looks as if you used the same exact body design for both, just looked like Nostalgia Chick had a slimmer neck

  • Richard Watts

    Nah I drew them separately and they are not the same.

  • anon

    You’ll be surprised at the number of people who’d want to have sex with you, especially /b/. Even those who initially believed you’re a man, they found you attractive enough.

  • Richard Watts

    Heterosexual people will never really be able to appreciate how they appear to the opposite sex, and bisexual / homosexual people only have their own perspective of what they find attractive to judge themselves by. So it’s no wonder that a lot of people don’t feel attractive, since they won’t know what goes on in others’ heads. Plus, I think a lot of people, especially online, are much more willing to be negative about the appearance of someone who is presenting themselves, rather than be complimentary, most likely because they are jealous, or feel uncomfortable in giving compliments because they’re immature. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how marzgurl looks, and she clearly doesn’t look like a man, that’s crazy nonsense. But how people look is an utterly unimportant attribute anyway :s

  • Kris Nelson

    Wow…that last one…..WAS disturbing. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to throw away my lead pewter D&D figure of you I cast eating a banana…..

    And you are simply beautiful! People are nuts. 🙂

  • Kris Nelson

    (Uh…I don’t REALLY have a lead cast figure of you…if I did I’d have had to send a picture of it to you. In fact, I haven’t played with miniatures since I was a kid…now comics I definitely still collect *sigh* ( the nerd in me lives on…)

  • I just saw the unedited version of the Marz/Dudette drawing and all I gotta say is DAMN!

    • Anon

      Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on That Guy With The Glasses.

      In it, the infamous MarzGurl/Dudette drawing has been updated with a blue-eyed Marz

      • Richard Watts

        The client asked me to do a version with blue eyes, I guess now that one is circulating. I don’t even get any credit on encyclopedia dramatica, what a world we live in.

      • Anon

        You did, now. Fixed that for ya!

  • Geist

    Well, well, well…34 has struck again.

    Just google (without quotes) “Soemele Dudette.”

    Be sure to bring your vomit bucket; you’ll need it for that picture.

    • Anon

      (head bursts again)

      …Ugh. Folks, this is exactly what I was referring to. You’ll need more than a bucket for this one.

  • Anon

    Dear God…I just an even gorier pic of the Nostalgia Chick, and right now, I’m currently trying to glue my head back together. Seriously, I could feel my cranium burst just before my brains sprayed my monitor; I was THAT aghast.

  • HAWT

  • Anon

    Well…it looks like that Soemele pic I’ve been talking about has generated even more drama than Chrysander’s 34 ever did.

  • Vince

    Alice Cooper isn’t emo in the slightest. It’s red-blooded all-American rock n’ roll. I find the picture to be disturbing though… Someone’s really bastardizing the master’s work.

  • Tox

    That was what I thought when I saw that pic. Fans are freaks. I enjoy fanfiction of manga or comic characters, but with real people… that’s just wrong and disgusting.

    I love how you said about your videos. For a while, I thought you might really be that bad of an actor, but I love one who admits and are aware of her flaws.

    Personally, I like your videos that are not too low quality. I think you are funny enough and I love girls with muscles! If you could just fix the quality, I’d watch a lot more of you 😉

  • 00Thunderdome00

    MarzGurl became the subject of another piece of hentai art. This time, the art features Linkara. The two are simply standing side by side, totally nude, with a logo over their heads as though it were the cover to a comic. Thankfully, the art is in better taste, despite the artist depicting MarzGurl as, ahem, over endowed. Oh, before I forget, her carpet matches her drapes. That’s right, kids. She has a blue bush. As removed from reality as it is, I can’t help but think it’s kinda cute…and sexy.

    Nonetheless, I hope she’s not too upset about it.

  • Matrim

    Eh, you don’t give yourself enough credit Marz…I know a few people who frequent TGWTG who are into you. I also know one guy who would be into you, except you scared him with your “but I love Stalin MORE!” scene from AT4W…

    In any case, glad to see you’re not letting the guro get to you, it’s just a sign of popularity. Creepy sign…but still a sign.

  • CloakedVeil

    Oh, dear Marzie. You don’t give yourself nearly enough credit in the looks department. Those azure eyes and milky skin; to hell with what everyone else says! You’re too cute for words.

    There’s been a few threads about you in /b/ from different chans, and if it’s to your bemusement, you’ve been better received than the Nostalgia Chick, believe it or not.

  • Anonymous

    7chan now has an anti-Nostalgia Chick policy. Anyone that posts her gets permabanned from the forum.

    Before getting tangential, I wonder how we would individually feel if WE were rule34’ed. Many of us wouldn’t really like it.

  • You kinda remind me of Humpty. The glasses and the nose. That pic of you is small, a little blurry and its funny but due to a optical illusion you look exactly like Humpty…
    do you like your oat meal lumpy?
    are you sick with this???
    but sometimes you get ridiculous?

    If you actually do look like a white, female, humpty, THAT IS AWESOME!

    • What? I don’t wear glasses.

  • OMFG. The resemblance…
    You are the chosen one.

  • Riftwolf

    Wouldn’t it be more disturbing if the artwork had gotten your nipples exactly right?
    I’ve watched most of your videos on TGWTG, I enjoyed them but it always felt like you were looking for a niche to fit into, if that makes sense. I like your current ANE and the translation terrors as it seems you’ve finally found it 🙂

  • danny

    >_< id wanna see you nude….your hot X_X

  • just some guy

    personally, I think you’re really cute

  • Archedgar

    You really shouldn’t be surprised Miss Dicksion.

    Not to be a jerk, but if you’re a female and you’re marginally known on the internet; There *will* be hoards of people who love/hate you for your Looks/Acting/Hair/etc, you really have very little to do with it. As you said, rules.

    Personally, I think you’re cute in a… mmm… sort of… uhh… NOT-sexy but very adorable kind of way. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • Commenter

    Not to come off creepy or perverted, just from one person to another with the utmost respect, you probably have a killer body underneath that often-worn jumpsuit.

    Everyone on this planet is beautiful, in there own ways. Its all just a matter of taste.

  • Daemonicus

    Coming from a long time surfer of the dakrest nooks and crannies of the net, I have to admit that you’ve got a bit of a creepy following, lol. But the artwork isn’t the worst and it doesn’t seem to be mean for the sake of mean, just the twisted fantasies the sickos have.

    Don’t forget that not everyone has the same standards of beauty. Some people won’t like you unless you’re skinny to the point of individually visible ribs. Some people won’t like how you look unless you weigh at least 400 pounds. Some peopel won’t like you unless you’re missing limbs. The general consensus of the comments here really seems to agree with the fact that you’re either attractive or just not the type of the relatively normal geeks hopping on the net. And at that, there seems to be a heavy lean towards the former, myself included.

    Oh, and not to mention, getting insulted on the internet means nothing. Half the people making fun of you may very well think you’re hot, but it’s the internet. Most of us just don’t compliment people. Probably a reaction from contemplating the astronomically low chances of ever having repercussions from what we say and generally knowing that seeing a pretty girl != chances of getting with them.

  • Apparently the guy that drew the last one is a dacryphile(sp?) He gets off from women crying. He drew another one of Lindsey selling her organs for vegetarians, which in my opinion is in SEVERELY bad taste. All the same both of your faces are amazing down to the last detail, aside from other things like your aforementioned eye color. Just commenting to let you know you have fans who arent wackjobs and love you and all of your work. Keep it up Marzgurl!

  • Mark

    The fact of the matter is you are a pretty girl with a personality, and because of the subject matter you cover, you come across as relatable as well as approachable. Not to seem like a pig, I happened apon this sight because I typed in google “nostalgia chick nude”. What can I say you have a nice rack, I’m a guy, and the internet is available. So I took a shot. like I said, I’m a guy that’d just what we do. In response to what you said, true you are no avgn or guy with glasses but that is mainly why I enjoy your vids. It’s a different perspective on childhood entertainment which I find refreshing as a large majority of todays media “entertainment” is crap. Furthermore, you are nowhere near as offputting as you think. Everyone is they’re own worst critic. Keep up the good work girl. -Mark-

    • Dude…. Leaving a comment on a woman’s blog talking about her boobs is net the best way of starting conversation.

  • Josh

    I know this is old, but you’re nuts. You’re gorgeous and I’d f*ck the sh*t out of you, if you’ll pardon my french. You’re exactly the type of women I like, that girl-next-door thing going on. Hell, I tyink we’re even close to the same age. (I’m 27) I’m familiar with your work but I don’t guess you’d consider me a fan, per se, but I will admit I’ve always thought you were cute as hell. I’ve heard rumors you’re a lesbian, though. I guarentee I’d turn you straight if I got the chance, no doubt. You should really drop me a line sometime, I think we’d hit it off pretty well. (Not likely, I know, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right? Hell, you’ll probably never even read this!)

  • Dude on a Computer

    This is, indeed, old, but I found it off Dramatica while recklessly Tab-ing any and all dirt on TGWTG and Spoony (seriously, Net drama is so entertaining when it’s not happening to you or loved ones). But something has really compelled me to weigh in on this particular topic, because as a cynical viewer of the vids on the site, but in no way a member of the “community” (but I am a fan), the irony here is… a little disturbing.

    MarzGirl, the initiator of this dialogue, almost obliviously (or intentionally? Subconsciously? Deep shit, what?), remarks about the perversion surrounding a fanbase on the Internet, offering only that she is not even worthy of perversion as she feels she is not conventionally attractive by most standards, only to have the sympathizers reassure her that, YES, she IS worthy of being perved on, lusted over, masturbated to, and fantasized about in ways of everything from conventional sex to torture-porn. “There, there,” they tell her, “I think your tits are AWESOME. I know I’m in the minority, but give me a chance, because ‘I’m not like the other guys’.”

    MarzGirl, I don’t know you, or haven’t watched a whole lot of your videos (fuckin’ KUDOS for the History of Animation stuff, though. As a wannabe graphic artist, that struck a chord with me), but… you’re not stupid. Obviously you’re not going to take up whackjob anons in their attempts to E-court you as they groom you into being their misguided version of a mate. You’re nothing more than a fetish to these people — and I think you’re aware of that. You get how the game is played, and the Internet, in a lot of ways, is scary like this. To me, though, it just paints a picture of a very passive aggressive kind of supernova, with ulterior motives behind everything. If this kind of clusterfuckery hasn’t scared you away from the Internet — not even as a female, but just as a person — then, again, kudos…

    I’m not at all saying you don’t have actual fans, or anything, but one thing I absolutely cannot stand to see anymore is people who masquerade as shoulders to cry on when in reality are looking for what’s in it for them. To contest what the mongoloid above me says, no, it’s not what all men do. It’s what desperate people do. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with finding someone attractive, or even having a crush — even if it’s some vexing pseudonym of Internet fame — but there’s a line… and some of this just gets sad.

    We all get lonely, kids… but there are better outlets…

    It’s a sick fucking world.

  • B. Adrian

    I guess that’s what happens when your only claim to fame is having a vagina instead of any talent or wit whatsoever

    • Entirely possible. Honestly, if there are that many people who dislike me, I’d rather they just ignore me. It’s not like I want to be notable for my anatomy, either. I’d rather nobody even knew I existed.

      Especially you, I suppose.