Navigation and Support Update

marzgurl | May 16 2016 | Comments  0 

Hello again, friends! I’ve been doing a lot more work in a lot of ways behind the scenes to clean this place up and get myself more business-oriented. Somewhat along the lines of the blog entry I wrote up a few days back, I’ve changed some of the navigation functionality of this web page. In Read the Rest…

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Anybody remember that reality show on TBS called King of the Nerds? It ran for three seasons and was canceled near the end of last year. Well, I was super close to getting onto season 2. Don’t believe me? I’ve got the proof here. Also, I wanted to tell you guys about my experience so Read the Rest…

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Finally Saw This: 10 Cloverfield Lane

marzgurl | May 14 2016 | Comments  0 

It’s not like this movie is horrifically old or anything, but I’m certainly not here talking about it immediately upon its theatrical release. But I’d heard that 10 Cloverfield Lane had hit our local dollar theater here in San Antonio (which, by the way, those tickets have gone up to $2.75, what the heck is Read the Rest…

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Putting In New Focus

marzgurl | May 10 2016 | Comments  2 

Hello everyone! It feels good to be writing to all of you again. It’s been a while since I was laid off from my main job back in October. Life has been difficult since then, but I feel like I can’t give up now. I’m still working hard to make my personal work a success Read the Rest…

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First, if you haven’t already seen it, here’s where you can find my Patreon page. Some of you may have heard that, as of yesterday, I am no longer working a “normal dayjob” and have gone to creating videos full time. This is indeed true. I wanted to do a write-up on what exactly this Read the Rest…

Be a Creeper, Reach Me Everywhere

marzgurl | Feb 22 2013 | Comments  0 

I often end up posting all of my video media, at the very least, to, like, every single popular social network all at once these days.  I hope to have my personal web site ( become a centralized place where you can visit and view everything all at once so you don’t have to jump Read the Rest…

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I wanted to make a list of upcoming events that I’ll either be attending, working, or appearing at within the coming months.  I hope to see you at some of these, too! Ikkicon (Dec. 28 – 30, 2012, Austin, TX) – – Working the SWAG Expo table. MAGFest (Jan. 3 – 6, 2013, National Harbor, Read the Rest…

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Just got back home from a sudden surprise for the evening.  I was graciously gifted with a free ticket to see The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses.  And only with about three hours advance notice!  But it was quite the awesome surprise. This particular performance took place in downtown San Antonio’s very own Read the Rest…

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Where Are The Real Super Heroes?

marzgurl | Jul 20 2012 | Comments  14 

Today I logged into Facebook to see many, many well-wishes for an old high school theater classmate of mine, Brent Lowak.  I was shocked.  Brent?  This guy that I fondly remember as being part of so many productions, who I can see myself sitting next to in several photos in my old yearbooks?  I last Read the Rest…

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I talked about potentially releasing this calendar over on my Twitter feed, and it got a surprisingly good reaction.  So, I’ve gone ahead and done it!  Introducing the MarzGurl Hates Hats wall calendar! I initially wanted to sell an 18-month calendar since we’re already somewhat into the middle of the year, but it looked like Read the Rest…

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